GO Sponsors, Conquers THE GRID

26 October 2018


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The GRID, which took place last Saturday was the ultimate showcase of determination, motivation, commitment and the culmination of months of preparation and grueling training. It was the perfect example of all that GO stands for – it is these characteristics that were the driving force behind GO’s decision to sponsor such an event for the next three years.

“We sponsored The GRID because as a company, we believe in events that help nurture strong competitive values and which encourage participants, whether seasoned athletes or newbies, to fully embrace a healthy lifestyle. This is why, besides supporting the event, we also encouraged our employees to participate as a team and today, we are so proud of their achievements, both personal, but moreso what they achieved as a team,” said Nikhil Patil, Chief Executive Officer.

GO supported its own employees by part subsidizing the participation fee, providing training kits to all participating employees and was there on the day, providing every word of encouragement. This is just one example of the numerous wellbeing initiatives rolled out at GO.

‘The benefits we have seen of our participation far exceed our initial expectations. Starting off as an addition to our sponsorship list, we never imagined how deeply engaged and committed our own team of Gridsters, as we aptly nicknamed them, would become,’ said Ayrton Caruana, Chief of Human Resources. ‘What started off as another commercial decision soon became one of the best team building exercises, as my colleagues can attest to,’ he continued.

“At GO, teamwork is one of our highest values and the GRID helped us set a new personal challenge. We were totally committed and through constant weekly training, Saturdays included, come rain or shine, we made sure everyone remain focused and geared up for this event. Last Saturday, the team rose to the occasion and we are proud to say that we all managed to complete the challenge successfully. The best part is that we walked away from the GRID more as close friends than as colleagues,” said Laurie Pace.

Laurie Pace, who is a Branding and Event Specialist at GO, but also a former Olympic athlete who represented Malta as a judoka in three consecutive Summer Olympics and also won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in New Zealand, voluntarily took on the responsibility of training 29 employees.

‘We have received phenomenal feedback from everyone that participated, from how much they enjoyed the training, to the friendships that grew between colleagues, to the self-fulfillment resulting from committing to a goal. In just a few days after the GRID, we have grown from a team of 29, to team of over 50 Gridsters. This is what makes us proud to be one of Malta’s leading employers,’ stated Ayrton Caruana.