GO There For Business Community In Times Of Crisis

31 March 2020


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As the outbreak of Covid-19 continues to unfold, more and more businesses’ daily operations have been disrupted, putting increasing pressure for them to operate remotely. GO has been instrumental in ensuring that hospitals, clinics, major call centres, banks as well as all other businesses from different sectors continue to operate seamlessly and where possible from the safety of their employees’ homes.

“Having a complex operation ourselves, we fully understand the importance of being able to continue operating remotely. We have therefore done our utmost to facilitate this for our business customers during these difficult times,’ said Elaine Fenech, Senior Manager, GO Business.  ‘Experiencing this disruption ourselves, we were in a position to proactively reach out to our customers with bespoke solutions for their respective operations, ensuring that their employees were connected to the best technology, with increased bandwidth, as required,’ explained Elaine.

“GO has  been connecting businesses for the past 45 years, contributing greatly to Malta’s digital transformation. During this time we have built solid  relationships with the business community.  To us, ensuring that businesses can continue to operate, no matter the circumstance means that they can continue to bring added value to the community they serve and consequently grow and continue to be successful. Their success is our success,’ said Arthur Azzopardi, Chief of GO Business.

A team of over 70 people, ranging from account managers dealing with the clients, back office support staff to technical staff who implement the technology, are now supporting businesses who are seeking GO’s support and advice to set up their office away from the office so that their teams can keep operating from home.

‘It is not a matter of just increasing bandwidth so that a business’ employees can work remotely. These circumstances have forced businesses to adapt certain processes requiring call forwarding to either other fixed lines or mobile numbers or setting up their own temporary call centres. We could fully support and facilitate such measures because we have continuously invested in our infrastructure and technology,’ continued Elaine.

“Every cloud has a silver lining.  These are extraordinary circumstances we are going through, which will inevitably lead to a change in the way we work and conduct business.   Once the worst it over, these events will also inevitably create new opportunities” said Arthur Azzopardi. ‘GO has taken extreme measures to support its residential customers and has gone above and beyond in the initiatives it has launched in this regard.   It will also do everything it can so that none of its business clients will be left behind in these difficult times,’ he concluded.