How can I register my unregistered mobile service?

This will be mandatory in most of EU countries and it will be mandatory in Malta soon so we decided to introduce this feature so that you can have peace of mind, for your convenience. If you are under 27, this registration will also unlock the plans for 27 years or under straight away in the app.

You can register your mobile service by logging into the GO app. If you have a MyGO account, you can use the same login details. If you do not have an account, check out this FAQ for assistance.

When you log into the GO app, you will see a card on the Home tab informing you that the service is not registered. All you need to do is:

  • Tap on the ‘Register’ button
  • Select “I am over 18 years”
  • Select whether you would like to receive marketing material (if yes, you will be eligible for exclusive offers and discounts)
  • Select whether you would like to be included in the Directory search (if yes, select your address)
  • Tap on the ‘Next’ button
  • Read the information on the screen and then tap on the “Next” button
  • Select your identification document type and change the country, if necessary
  • Scan your identification document as requested
  • Scan your face as requested

You will then receive a notification to inform you that the registration has been completed. The card on the dashboard should also change to inform you that the service has been registered.