How do I set up my GO TV app?

You can set up your GO TV app service by logging into MyGO and:

1. Clicking on ‘My Services’ in the top menu bar

2. Clicking on ‘TV Services’ / ‘TV’

3. Selecting whichever Interactive TV service you wish to apply for (if you have multiple Interactive services).

4. Clicking on ‘Manage your logins’ button at the bottom

5. Entering a 4+ digit password which will be used to log in the app, and then clicking on ‘Continue’

Once you accept the terms and conditions, you are prompted to download the GO TV app from the Play store or App store, open it and enter the default user ID shown in the ‘Manage your logins’ button together with the password you just created.

If you are on a Freedom Plan, you are eligible for TV Anywhere Lite instead. You will receive your credentials on your mobile number directly. However, you can still manage your credentials and devices from the same TV Anywhere page in MyGO.