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Business Fixed Voice Schedule of Charges

If you signed your contract before the 27th of August 2015, kindly refer to the relevant old schedule of charges through this link: Fixed Phone Line Service Schedule of Charges (Business).



 Rates are inclusive of 18% VAT



Talk Business (Postpaid) €99.99

Special Offer:

Standard installation/transfer charge is €99.99 per line. Customer can opt for the special offer on the installation/transfer charges of a fixed line service whereby the installation/transfer charge is discounted to €41.23 per line. The offer is applicable on the condition that the service is retained for a mandatory period of twenty four (24) consecutive months starting from the date of the installation/transfer of the fixed line. Should you opt to terminate or migrate to the Easyline service or to another Operator, one or all of the services, before the lapse of the above-mentioned twenty four (24) month period, you shall pay the sum of €68.71 per fixed line service that is terminated or migrated. Quoted rates exclude VAT.








Business Talk 500 (Postpaid) €99.99

Easyline Business




Details about ISDN, Temporary lines and subsidized lines are available in their respective Schedule of Charges.





Change of Access Number


Disconnection Charges:

Charge for each separate continuous period of disconnection


Fault Rectification (Additional Extensions)

Service Charge including first half hour


Extension Installation


Reconnection Charges:

Reconnection charge after disconnection of service for failure to abide by prescribed regulations other than disconnection for non-payment

Reconnection charge after disconnection of service for non-payment

Upon migration, an Easyline subscriber may enter into a payment program in order to settle all pending dues. A second failure by the Subscriber to pay another installment after the line has been restricted will entail a disconnection of the Easyline service. Reconnection charge after disconnection:

Hunting System Modification –  Header number unmodified

Hunting System Provisioning/Modification – Including Header number

Setting up of a new hunting group or modification of an existing one involving the Header number

Additional Charge for Night Porting












Easyline Business connection penalty charge


Relocation of fixed line from one location to another (Location Portability)


Itemised bill  





First payment due to late payment


Second penalty due to late payment


A charge of €2.33 will be incurred if customers do not pay their bill. This charge will show on the first bill which shows arrears. If 10 days after the payment due date of the first bill which shows arrears, payment of arrears is not settled in full, interest at 8% per annum will commence and continue until payment is settled.


Rejected Payment Charge

Details about Star Services are available in their respective Schedule of Charges.




Calls to Local Fixed Networks

Calls to Local Mobile Networks

Calls to 1182

Every minute or part thereof

Every minute or part thereof

(including calls to 1187 and 1189)

Per Call






Full details about international charges can be obtained here.  A printed copy may also be obtained from one of GO’s Retail Outlets

(1) For these products E-Billing is the default method for billing purposes. Customers are required to supply GO with a valid email address where notifications will be sent inter alia informing the customer that the bill has been issued and any other information.  It is the customer’s responsibility to inform GO of any change in his email address.  If customer opts for a printed bill sent by post to his billing address he will be charged an additional two euro (€2) per month.


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