Business Flex

  1. The Business Flex tariff (‘the tariff’) is a plan operated by MobIsle Communications Ltd. (‘ GO ‘). Access to the benefits of this tariff and the services available through it are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. By subscribing to this tariff, you are agreeing to all of these Terms and Conditions, without modification. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please do not subscribe to this tariff.
  2. The tariff is available for all new and existing GO Customers. Subscription to the tariff is subject to the signing and entering into a contractual obligation.
  3. The tariff was effective between 17th April 2013 until 12th January 2015. Existing customers on this tariff will be retained on the tariff however no new subscriptions to the tariff are accepted as from 13th January 2015 onwards..
  4. The access fee, charges and monthly bundles applicable to the tariff are those as stated in GO’s Tariff Plan Guide, available on
  5. Customers subscribing to this tariff plan shall be required to keep the service for a minimum of three (3) months. Should the Customer opt to terminate this tariff prior to the lapse of the three (3) month period, the Customer shall be charged for the remaining months’ monthly fees pro-rata.
  6. Customers subscribing to this tariff plan shall be required to pay the monthly fee of €15 if a direct debit mandate is taken. In cases where Customers prefer not to opt for a direct debit mandate, then an additional €2 monthly charge applies. Should a customer opt for a BlackBerry subscription, an additional €5 will be charged monthly.
  7. e-Billing is the default method used for billing Customers. In cases where the Customer prefers to opt for a printed bill sent by post, the Customer is required to pay an additional €2 monthly charge. No itemisation is available with this tariff, irrespective of the billing option selected. e-Billing is accessible through the Customer’s My GO account. Only one account number can be linked to a My GO username.
  8. Customers subscribing to this tariff shall benefit from unlimited calls to the Customer’s Closed User Group and a recurring monthly mobile internet bundle. Customers will also benefit from €8, which are credited monthly onto the prepaid credit as indicated in the Tariff Plan Guide. Any other local, international or roaming usage, as well as calls/SMS to special or premium-rated numbers, is charged from the prepaid credit at the rates specified in the Tariff Plan Guide.
  9. The maximum call duration towards any number is sixty (60) minutes. Calls will be automatically terminated when the sixty (60) minutes have lapsed.
  10. Once the prepaid credit is used up, Customers can top up using the prepaid top up options. Charges as specified in the Business Flex Tariff Plan Guide apply.
  11. Customers can check their prepaid balances using the normal Pay As You GO methods.
  12. Customers may at any time check the remaining balance of their mobile internet bundle as per Clause 8 above, by sending a blank SMS to 16415 for free.
  13. Any information about this tariff, including usage and billing information, can be requested only by the signatory of the contract, and such data will only be forwarded to the same signatory.
  14. The Customer may opt to subscribe to a BlackBerry service (BIS or BES) with this tariff.
  15. Should the Customer agree to tie the service to a one-year or a two-year Agreement (‘the Agreement’) with GO, the Customer may benefit from the granting of a discount against the purchase of a mobile phone from one of GO’s retail outlets or authorised dealers. The amount to be granted as discount on phone is as specified in the phones section on Customers signing an Agreement are:
  16. a) Regulated by these Terms & Conditions together with the conditions of the Agreement for a period of one (1) or two (2) years from the date of signature of the GO ‘Agreement for granting of Credit’;
  17. b) Bound to remain subscribed to the Tariff for one (1) or two (2) consecutive years;
  18. c) Liable to reimburse GO the penalties as outlined in the Agreement if they wish to terminate their subscription prior to the lapse of one (1) or two (2) years from the date of signing the Agreement;
  19. d) Liable to reimburse GO the penalties as outlined in the Agreement if they wish to upgrade or downgrade from the subscription to different access fees than the ones applicable at the time of signing of the Agreement. A new Agreement must then be signed if so desired by the Customer and the applicable discount given according to the new Tariff level;
  20. e) Should any customer benefit from special discounts, the customer is liable to reimburse GO the penalties in accordance with this discount.
  21. f) Should any customer, benefitting from special discounts with Direct Debit payment terms, no longer honour the Direct Debit Mandate requirement as per Clause 6 above, the customer is liable to pay GO the €2 difference monthly.
  22. Should any Customer subscribed to this tariff wish to migrate this subscription to a Pay As You GO tariff plan GO reserves the right to charge the Customer the applicable charge of €11.65 which could be in addition to the penalty fees the same Customer is liable to pay if s/he is benefitting from a discounted device or other incentive given as part of a term agreement.
  23. All prices quoted in the Tariff Plan Guide are inclusive of VAT but exclusive of Excise Tax, unless otherwise stated.
  24. To use the connection abroad, the customer needs to have credit in the account. The roaming rates as specified in GO ‘s website apply.
  25. GO reserves the right to enforce at any time and at its discretion:
  26. a) That subscriptions to this tariff plan are solely based on the agreement between GO and the customer that payment for use of the services provided is done only through Direct Debit and/or Credit Card;
  27. b) That subscriptions to any GO service, including this tariff, are allowed only on the basis that the first access fee/monthly charge is paid in advance.
    General Clauses
  28. GO mobile’s General Terms and Conditions apply. For further details, please visit GO’s website.
  29. GO reserves the right to stop, suspend, amend or otherwise alter these tariffs, the applicable charges and any benefits derived through them, as well as these Terms and Conditions, in accordance with the applicable law.
  30. For more information, please contact Customer Care on 146 from your GO phone, 79222146 from any other phone or visit