Directory Enquiry Services and Online Phone Directory

These Terms of Use were last updated on 29th November 2023

A. The Directories

  1. The Directory Enquiry Services and the Online Phone Directory (the ‘Directories’) are owned and operated by GO p.l.c (the ‘GO’).
  2. The Directories are an open service offered to Our customers and any other interested persons on a non-contractual basis.
  3. The Directory Enquiry Services can be accessed in Malta by calling 1182 or 1152. The Online Phone Directory is available on Our website.
  4. If You make use of the Directories, You are agreeing to these terms of use, without modification. If You do not agree to these terms of use, You should not make use of the Directories.
  5. The Directories provide access to the details of Our subscribers and of subscribers of other local providers of telephony services who have consented to have their data processed for the purpose of being in these Directories.
  6. Subscriber data may consist of the subscriber’s name, title, surname, address and telephone number. We have obtained Our subscribers’ data from the subscribers themselves while other subscribers’ data is provided by their respective telephony service providers as specified in clause A.5. We do not accept any responsibility for the data accuracy or guarantee the level of service provided by other local providers of telephony services.
  7. We are required to share the details of the registered subscribers who opt to be included in Our Directories with Our subsidiaries, associates, agents and other telecommunications operators.
  8. We make every effort to ensure that all subscriber data is accurate and regularly updated. We accept no responsibility and expressly exclude any liability in relation to any errors or omissions that may reveal themselves in the subscriber data and in relation to any damage that may result from such errors or omissions. We further accept no responsibility and expressly exclude any liability for any damage that may arise from the unauthorised acts of third parties.
  9. If you are Our subscriber and You become aware of any errors or omissions in respect of Your data, You should inform Us immediately in order that such default may be remedied.  Otherwise, if You are not Our subscriber, You should notify Your respective telephony service provider. We are only responsible for the accuracy of the data given directly to Us.
  10. You acknowledge and agree that We shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, sustained by You or any otherwise affected third party by reason of any loss of data or other information failure which is not directly attributable to Us or for any unavailability of any or all of the Directories.  In the event of any breakdown of, or reduction in quality of, any of the Directories, however long such failure, breakdown, or reduction in quality shall last, We shall do Our best to offer You a temporary alternative solution by means of the other available services forming part of the Directories but shall not be held liable if this is not possible.
  11. We endeavour to protect Your right to privacy. If You are Our subscriber and wish to amend Your data or change Your directory status You should refer to the GO Directory Form available at Our outlets or contact Our Customer Care representatives.
  12. Our Directories should be used in accordance with the Laws of Malta.  You are reminded of Your obligations under Maltese law when searching or otherwise processing any subscriber data that may be accessed through the Directories and of the penalties that You may be liable to incur in the event of breach thereof.

B. Online Phone Directory

  1. The Online Phone Directory make use of various functions that allow You to carry out searches using, amongst other criteria:
  2. The subscriber’s name and surname;
  3. The Company name, where applicable; and
  4. By entering a GO fixed line number and clicking ‘Search’ to obtain the subscriber’s registered name, surname, address and company name, where applicable. This is known as the Reverse Directory Search and includes the information of Our subscribers who have consented to have their data processed in this manner. You may request the removal from the Reverse Directory Search by contacting Us on any one of the means mentioned in clause A.11. This Reverse Search functionality is for Our registered fixed line numbers only. Entering mobile numbers in this search will return no information.
  5. We use all reasonable efforts to safeguard the confidentiality of the personal data accessible through the Online Phone Directory. However, by their very nature, transmissions made by means of the Internet cannot be made absolutely secure. We accept no responsibility and expressly exclude any liability for any disclosure of registration data due to errors in transmission or unauthorised acts of third parties.

C. Directory Enquiry Services

  1. You may use the Directory Enquiry Services for local numbers by calling the number ‘1182’.
  2. You may use the Directory Enquiry Service for overseas numbers by calling the number ‘1152’ from fixed landlines only.
  3. You will be charged the following rates for the Directory Enquiry Services:

Calls to 1182 from local fixed lines & Mobile networks

Calls to 1152 from local fixed lines & local Mobile networks
Per call Per call
€0.95 €0.95


  1. You may request up to one (1) number per call, whether You call the local and overseas Directory Enquiry numbers.
  2. When You call the Directory Enquiry Services You will be charged even if the requested number and/or numbers are not registered.
  3. We reserve the right to apply charges for Directory Enquiry Services at standard rates which may be lower than those listed in clause C.3 but never higher. In this event, We shall apply the rates in clause C.3 without the need for further notification or updates to these terms of use.