External Referral Policy


  • We believe that talented people know talented people and therefore we are extending our recruitment referral policy to individuals who do not work at GO but might know of talent who would be a great fit with our Purpose and Values.
  • The scope of this policy is to reward those individuals who refer talent, subject to the terms and conditions mentioned below.


  • Referrers should personally know the candidate they are referring – mass uploads of speculative CVs will not be accepted.
  • Referrers cannot be associated with a recruitment agency.
  • Referrers cannot refer themselves.
  • Referrers must be of 18 years of age or older to participate.
  • Referrals of current employees are not eligible for the award.
  • GO employees shall make use of the Internal Referral Policy.
  • A referral must be hired as a regular employee i.e. full/part-timers (summer workers, Youth Exposure employees, and apprentices will be excluded).
  • Candidates should be referred for a particular vacancy at the time that the vacancy is open and GO is actually recruiting for the role.
  • Once a referred candidate has been in employment for a continuous period of six months, the referrer will be notified of this by the People Team of GO through an email, and will be eligible to claim the reward through the invoicing process stated below.
  • Rewards will not be given for sub-contracted workers who are brought on board as employees.
  • If two individuals refer the same candidate, our recruitment system will indicate the person referring first and it will be that person who will receive the reward should the candidate be employed and confirmed in the role.
  • If the candidate being referred would have either applied directly or through a recruitment agency prior to the referral being made, should the candidate be employed and confirmed in the role, the reward
    will not be awarded.
  • Referrals will remain valid for six months after the initial introduction. If referrals are hired during this time, even for a role different to the one they were initially referred for, the referrer will receive the payment in the manner provided for in this document.
  • It is the referrer’s responsibility to comply with any tax or other obligations arising out of the payment.
  • The referrer is responsible to send GO an invoice within 60 days starting from the day the referrer received the email from GO, confirming the successful referral. The invoice should include the unique Reference Number of the vacancy of the successful referral, the referrer’s name, address, contact information and banking details relating to the bank account where payment is to be effected, GO’s details, the date of the invoice and the amount being charged. Once the 60 days period elapses and the referrer has not submitted the invoice, the referrer will no longer be eligible for the financial reward, related to the successful referral.
  • Verbal referrals or direct submission of CVs in any way or form will not be considered other than through our online portal as explained below. Individuals referring candidates should contact GO’s People Team via email on [email protected], quoting the job title and the vacancy reference they are interested in and an invite through the online portal will be sent to thereferrer to upload the CV of the candidate.
    The People Team of GO will subsequently review the CV and shortlist accordingly. Whether referred candidates will beselected for the role or not, they will be informed accordingly. It will be assumed that referred candidates will update referrers on the status of their application and whether they have been selected or otherwise.
  • Rewards will be paid out according to the category the vacancy is in:
REF A €600
REF B €400
REF C €250
REF D €2,000
No REF listed €150
  • The category in which the vacancy is in, is decided on a role-by-role basis and will be stated in the vacancy published.
  • The terms and conditions of this External Referral Policy are subject to change or termination at any time in GO’s sole discretion.
  • GO is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of race, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and national origin.
  • This policy is effective as of the 30th July 2021