Fixed Voice Product Terms and Conditions – Business

If you signed your contract before the 27th of August 2015, kindly refer to the relevant old terms & conditions through this link: Fixed Phone Line Service Terms and Conditions before 27th August 2015.

The following must be read with these related Terms and Conditions.

A. Your Agreement
1. These terms and conditions form an integral part of Your Agreement for the provision of the Service with Us, together with the following terms (together with any other documents referred therein), where applicable:
a. The Application Form
b. The Special Offer Terms and Conditions
c. The Bundled Plan Terms and Conditions
d. The Tariff Plan Terms and Conditions and/or Schedule of Charges
e. The End User License Agreement (EULA)
f. The Product Terms and Conditions 
g. The General Terms and Conditions
2. If any of these documents conflict with one another, the terms will apply in the order of precedence set out above.
B. Your Service
1. We will provide You with the ability to make and receive voice calls from a fixed location. The details of Your Service are specified in the Tariff Plan and Schedule of Charges. Unless otherwise stated, the Service does not include the phone or related equipment.
2. Your Service starts on the date We activate it, which may involve a visit by one of Our technicians to install the Service or certain aspects of it.
3. Unless We inform You otherwise, You should assume that Your Service depends on the availability of electricity at Your premise in order for it to work.
4. Call charging starts from the time the call is answered, whether by another person or a machine. The charges are as specified in Your Tariff Plan or Schedule of Charges. Where no such charges are specified, such as for televoting, donations and information services, the applicable rates shall be as communicated by the parties promoting these services and will be added to Your bill or, in the case of a pre-paid Service, deducted from Your balance.
5. Different charges may apply when You call numbers subscribed to different networks. If this is applicable to Your Tariff Plan, You should check whether a number belongs to a particular network prior to calling this number. You may do so by calling 180 (free of charge) while in the Territory in order to verify the relative operator of a particular local number. If this information service is changed or discontinued due to legal or regulatory decisions, this will not constitute a change to Your terms and conditions.
6. Should You at any time wish to change Your telephone number, You may apply for the change in writing or through any other means that We make available to You. We reserve the right to charge a fee for this service. You understand that We may not be able to entertain Your request to choose a specific number.
7. We cannot guarantee the correct transmission of data or other machine-to-machine communications over the Service.
C. Directory Service
1. By ‘Directory Service’, We are referring to the online, printed or telephone directory service available by calling specific numbers. The terms and conditions related to the Online Phone Directory are available on Our website. You may also request a printed copy of these terms and conditions from one of Our retail outlets.
2. You may choose to be included or excluded from the Directory Service:
a. If You choose to be included in the Directory Service, Your details (such as name and surname, address and telephone number) will be included in Our Directory Service as well as in any other Directory Service that may be sanctioned by the legal or regulatory authorities. To this end You allow Us to process Your personal details accordingly. You may also choose to be included in the reverse directory search, where Your details will show up when Your telephone number is entered in the online form;
b. If You choose to be excluded from the Directory Service, Your details will not be included in any Directory Service.
D. Access to Emergency Services during Power Outages
1. In the event of a power outage, Your telephone Service, including the ability to make emergency calls, may not be available. You are responsible to ensure that You have an adequate alternative power supply in order to ensure that You can continue making use of the Service during such outages.
Other Related Terms and Conditions
The above Terms and Conditions must be read together with the following.