GO Connect Kids and Pets

These terms and conditions were last updated on 30th April 2019.

A.    Your Agreement
  1. These terms and conditions are for a Tariff and should be read in conjunction with the General terms and conditions, the Product terms and conditions, Our Service Promise and the bundled terms and conditions. In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions, the following terms and conditions shall prevail.  These terms and conditions form an integral part of Your Agreement for the provision of the Service with Us.
  2. You subscribe to these Tariffs by signing an Agreement with Us.
  3. The Tariff applicable to Your Agreement is specified in the Application Form.
  4. We reserve the right to stop, suspend, amend or otherwise alter these Tariffs, the applicable charges and any benefits derived through it, as well as these terms and conditions, in accordance with applicable laws.
  5. By subscribing to the Tariff You are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions found in the Agreement. If you do not agree to any of these terms, You should not subscribe to these Tariffs.
B.   The Tariffs
  1. The GO Connect Kids and GO Connect Pets tariff plans (the ‘Tariffs’) are Hybrid mobile services provided by Us on a SIM.
  2. The Tariffs may only be used by inserting a SIM into the GO Connect Kids Watch device or the GO Connect Pets Tracker device (‘the Device’).
  3. You can purchase the Device from Our retail outlets and authorised re-sellers. However, You are responsible for the Device as outlined in Our Service Promise available on Our website. You are furthermore responsible for all activity carried out on the Device on our SIM.  You should read and accept the applicable Device terms and conditions.
  4. In order to make use of either Tariff, You must download the application/s MyKi Watch and/or MyKi Pet (‘App’) onto any compatible equipment such as a mobile phone, tablet and laptop. You should read the applicable Device privacy policy before downloading the MyKi App.
  5. In making use of the Tariff, You are accepting that You are responsible to abide with all applicable data protection laws and all EU rules and regulations governing the privacy of third parties. In particular, You agree to take all reasonable measures to ensure that the Device’s tracking ability is kept safe from unauthorised access. You should ensure that You implement password or other security measures on the mobile phone/s or device/s on which You will be installing the App. You also agree to use the Tariff exclusively for the purpose for which it is intended. You assume responsibility for deleting the information of any Devices from the App if You are no longer using said Device/s or if the Device/s are no longer in Your possession. We are not responsible for any misuse of the Device/s, Tariff and/or App.
  6. You must pair the App with the SIM which is inserted in the Device.
  7. The Tariffs are effective as from 30th April 2019.
  8. The Tariffs consist of the following:


Tariff Plan GO Connect Kids GO Connect Pets


Standard Monthly Fee



b. Standard 1 Year Prepayment €47.88 €35.88
c. Standard 2 Year Prepayment €95.76 €71.76

Monthly Bundles
d. Calls to GO numbers (fixed & mobile) in Malta  


e. Calls to other Maltese and EU international numbers in Malta and to all Maltese & Zone 1 numbers while roaming in Zone 1  


30 Minutes

f. SMS to GO numbers when in Malta Unlimited N/A
g. SMS to other Maltese and EU international numbers in Malta and to all Maltese & Zone 1 numbers while roaming in Zone 1 30 SMS N/A
h. Local and Zone 1 mobile data 1GB at 4G speeds 100MB at 2G speeds

Local and Zone 1 Roaming Charges Outside the Bundle


Calls to all other Maltese numbers and EU numbers  in Malta and to all Maltese numbers while roaming in Zone 1 countries after bundle in B.8.c is exhausted  


€0.15 per minute



SMS to all other Maltese  and EU  numbers  in Malta and to all Maltese while roaming in Zone 1 countries after bundle in B.8.e is exhausted

€0.15 per SMS



Local and Zone 1 mobile data after bundle in B.8.f  is exhausted

€2 per 100MB

€2 per 100MB


Video Calls to local and Zone 1 numbers €0.51 per minute



All international activity when in Malta and while roaming outside Zone 1 countries

Refer to clause C.2.f

Refer to clause C.2.f

Other Charges


Printed bill



C.    Explanation of Charges
  1. Unless otherwise stated, all charges quoted in these Tariffs are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of Excise Tax.
  2. Monthly Fee:
  3. The monthly fee is paid in advance. For the first month, it will be charged on a pro-rata basis.
  4. Prepayment Fee:
  5. You should pay the prepayment fee in advanced. You are not entitled to a refund if You choose to terminate Your Tariff during the prepayment period.
  6. At the start of the month, the bundles specified in clauses B.8.e, B.8.g and B.8.h are reset and any unutilised balance in the previous month’s bundles is lost.
  7. You must top up Your account in order to make further usage over and above your monthly bundles.
  8. The maximum amount that You may have in credit at any given time is €280.00. If You have reached or exceeded this credit limit, We reserve the right to prevent further top-ups to Your account until such time as the balance is reduced to below this amount.
  9. Any activity made towards premium-rated or other special numbers will be deducted from Your credit. Calls to these numbers cannot be done if you do not have credit.
  10. All international activity and roaming outside Zone 1 countries is not included in the monthly bundles. The cost of any of these activities will then be deducted from Your credit. The international and roaming rates applicable to countries outside Zone 1 are found on Our website.
  11. This Tariff is by default an e-billing tariff. This means that You will receive Your bill through electronic means by using Our e-billing functionality available through Our Website. You agree to register for this functionality and to supply Us with a valid e-mail address where We may notify You when Your bill is available as well as send You other relevant information.
  12. Other Charges:
  13. If You merge different accounts under Your name, only the payment method and billing instructions of Your choice for that account will apply.
  14. Once the prepayment period is expired, You will start being charged the standard monthly fee, unless You renew Your prepayment subscription or terminate Your Tariff.
D.   Agreement Benefit – Device Discount
  1. The Agreement Benefit may take the form of a discount against the purchase of the Device from one of GO’s retail outlets or authorised resellers.
  2. You may be entitled to benefit from an Agreement Benefit if You bind Yourself to remain subscribed to these Tariffs for a two (2) year period, subscribe to a one (1) year or a two (2) year prepayment period and if You are a Home Pack or Mobile Plan Freedom customer at the time of subscription. The Agreement Benefit will take the form of a discounted Device at the time of Your signing the Agreement.
  3. The amount to be granted as discount on the Device is as specified in the device section on Our website.
  4. If You terminate Your subscription, or if the Agreement is terminated by Us for any reason attributable to You (including non or late payment of amounts due) prior to the lapse of the term of Your Agreement, You will be charged the Device Discount on a pro rata basis for the remaining term of Your contract.


E.   Minimum Term
  1. This Tariff has a minimum term of three (3) months (‘Minimum Term’).
  2. If You terminate the Agreement during the Minimum Term, or if the Agreement is terminated by Us for any reason attributable to You (including non or late payment of amounts due), You will be billed an early termination fee. This shall be equivalent to the Standard Monthly Fee applicable for the remaining part of the Minimum Term calculated on a pro rata basis.  You shall also be liable to pay any Device Discount You may have availed of in accordance with clause D.d.