GO Travel Bundle Terms & Conditions

1. The GO Travel bundles (‘the bundles’) are roaming add-on bundles operated by GO plc (‘GO’). Access to the benefits of the bundles available is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. By subscribing to the bundles, the Customer is hereby irrevocably agreeing to and warrants to be bound by all these Terms and Conditions, without modification. If the Customer does not agree to these Terms and Conditions, s/he should refrain from applying for and make use of any of the bundles.

2. The bundles are available to selected GO customers subscribed to any of the following Plans:

  • Infinity Three;
  • Freedom Beyond;
  • Freedom Essential;
  • Freedom Lite;
  • Freedom Beyond Data Boom;
  • Freedom Essential Data Boom;
  • Freedom Lite Data Boom

3. Subscription to this bundle is not subject to signing and entering into a term agreement.

4. The bundles shall become effective as from 29th August 2018.

5. Customers subscribing to bundle shall benefit from the following:

Go Travel Bundle
Bundle Description Bundle Size Bundle Consumption Bundle Validity Bundle Cost
Minutes to Malta & visited country 100 Minutes Per Second 72 Hours €15
Mobile Internet 500MB Per Kilo Byte
Free Incoming Calls unlimited N/A

6. The GO Travel bundle is only applicable when roaming in any one the following countries:

  • Switzerland​
  • Turkey​
  • USA​
  • Japan​
  • Montenegro​
  • Russia​
  • Serbia​
  • Canada​
  • Hong Kong​
  • New Zealand​
  • Australia​
  • China​
  • Morocco​
  • Israel​
  • Thailand​

7. Any usage over and above the GO Travel bundle, will be charged at the following applicable rates:

  • Voice call: €0.25/min​
  • SMS: €0.25​
  • Data: €0.25/MB​

8. Usage of the GO Travel add-on bundles as per Clauses above, can be utilised as follows:

a. 100 Minute: Apply to calls made back to Malta or visited country whilst roaming in any GO Travel country, after bundle activation has been confirmed by GO via SMS;

b. 500MB whilst roaming in the visited GO Travel country, after bundle activation has been confirmed by GO via SMS;

c. Free incoming calls whilst travelling in any GO Travel country, after bundle activation has been confirmed by GO via SMS;

9. Normal roaming rates apply whilst roaming outside the GO Travel countries.

10. Customers can subscribe to the above bundle by sending the following SMS texts/codes:

GO Travel
SMS Code Send To

11. Customers can subscribe to any bundle by sending an SMS containing the codes as indicated above. A bundle is active for seventy-two (72) hours – Malta time – from the time of purchase, after which the bundle will be automatically renewed for further seventy-two (72) hour periods unless and until the customer unsubscribes from the bundle. To unsubscribe customers need to send an SMS (charges apply if abroad – see below) to 16412 with the word STOP GOTRAVEL. Once the bundle is stopped normal roaming charges apply.

12. Customers will be informed via SMS when their GO Travel bundle is activated. Any voice calls, SMS or data usage done before confirmation via SMS from GO that the selected roaming bundle has been activated will be charged at the applicable roaming rates.

13. The bundle can be purchased both locally and whilst abroad. Should the customer activate/deactivate the bundle whilst still in Malta, there will be no additional charge for the SMS sent. However if the customer activates/deactivates the bundle from abroad, the SMS sent to 16412 will be charged at the applicable roaming rate.

14. Customers acknowledge that any unutilised bundle minutes, SMS and/or data usage shall be forfeited once the seventy-two (72) hour time window elapses. Upon automatic renewal, a new bundle will replace the previous bundle and a new seventy-two (72) hour time window will be activated. No refunds shall be given for any unutilised bundle units within the bundle.

15. Customers making use of the GO Travel roaming bundle as per Clauses above, acknowledge that they will not be receiving any notification upon 100% consumption of the Voice bundle, or upon expiry of the seventy-two (72) hour bundle, whilst customers depleting their mobile internet bundle will be notified upon 100% consumption.

16. The bundle is not available whilst roaming at sea, maritime roaming charges shall apply. Also, if a call or SMS is made to any premium or satellite number whilst roaming, the standard premium and satellite rates shall apply.

17. All prices quoted above are inclusive of VAT but exclusive of Excise Tax, unless otherwise stated.

General GO Clauses
18. GO’s General Terms and Conditions for Pay Monthly services apply.

19. For more information, please contact Customer Care on 146 from your GO phone, 79222146 from any other phone.