Internet Product Terms and Conditions

If you signed your contract before the 14th of November 2017, kindly refer to Internet Product Terms and Conditions before 14th November 2017.

If you signed your contract between the 14thof November and 6thMarch 2018, kindly refer to Internet Product TCs between the 14th of November 2017 and 6th March 2018. 

A. Your Agreement

1. These terms and conditions form an integral part of Your Agreement for the provision of the Service with Us, together with the following terms (together with any other documents referred therein), where applicable:
a. The Application Form
b. The Special Offer Terms and Conditions
c. The Bundled Plan Terms and Conditions
d. The Tariff Plan Terms and Conditions and/or Schedule of Charges
e. The End User License Agreement (EULA)
f. The Product Terms and Conditions
g. The General Terms and Conditions
2. If any of these documents conflict with one another, the terms will apply in the order of precedence set out above.
B. Your Service
1. We will provide You with Internet access service as specified in Your Application Form. The details of Your Service are specified in the Tariff Plan and Schedule of Charges.
2. Your Service starts on the date We activate it, which may involve a visit by one of Our technicians to install the Service or certain aspects of it.
3. The speed that can be attained on Our connection may vary and depends on a number of factors, amongst them Our Network, the wiring/cables in Your Premises, the number of services You have connected to the Internet at any point in time, the Equipment You are using, as well as the connection speed that can be reached by Your devices. You may thus not always be able to reach the maximum speeds available to You on Your Tariff Plan. You agree that such limitations may exist for the duration of Your Service with Us.
4. When You apply for the Service, We will check Your connection for the speed it can support at that point in time and where possible record it in the Application Form. We will inform You if the speed for which You are applying cannot be achieved. If, notwithstanding any such limitations, You still decide to subscribe to the Service, You agree the connection speed will be set to the maximum speed achievable on Your connection and to this end Our service commitment and obligations will be limited to this maximum speed available.
5. If We specify that the connection speed is “not available”, this means that for some reason We could not check the speed at the time of Your Application. Should You still decide on proceeding with subscribing to the Service, We will set Your connection speed to reach the maximum attainable speed on your connection and up to that specified in Your Tariff Plan. If, after installing the Service, it results that the connection speed that can be attained is lower than the minimum specified for Your Tariff, You may, within fourteen (14) days from the Service activation, terminate this Service without incurring any penalties. You will still be liable to pay the relevant charges as specified in clause I.1 of the General Terms and Conditions.
6. By signing the Application Form, You are accepting the Service with any limitations as specified in clauses B.3, B.4 and B.5. You agree that no reduction in or abatement of the applicable charges shall be given if the speed stated in Your Tariff Plan or Schedule of Charges is ultimately not achieved.
7. Unless otherwise stated in the Agreement, Your Service is offered on a contended basis, meaning that the bandwidth is shared amongst a number of users in Your area. The quality of the Service may thus vary, depending on the number of users who are accessing the Service at the same time. We may enforce bandwidth usage measures to ensure that everyone in the area can benefit from the Service.
8. We are not responsible for the speed attained by third party services, including websites.
9. We reserve the right to manage Your bandwidth so that You can enjoy the best possible experience for the combination of Services that You have.
10. We employ a fair usage policy which is defined as follows: “In the interests of ensuring that all Our subscribers are able to receive the best possible service and to maximise the efficient use of Network resources, We reserve the right to take steps to regulate the use of the Service made by any subscriber whose use of the Service is not comparable to other subscribers and whose use is compromising Our Network.”
11. In cases where we establish that your service with us has experienced continuous or regularly recurring problems, at our sole discretion we may offer you compensation or a partial refund, subject also where applicable to any previous compensation and/ or partial refunds we may have already given you.
12. Upon termination of the Service for whatever reason:
a. All Your personal files stored with Us, including any usernames, passwords and any e-mail accounts You may have with Us, will be deleted and will not be retrievable;
b. You may retrieve all Your personal files stored with Us, including any usernames, passwords and any e-mail accounts You may have with Us, from the Service prior to termination;
c. The above will not limit any rights and obligations nascent on Us because of any legal or regulatory requirement.
C. E-Mail Accounts
1. As from the 14th November 2017, We do not provide an email account and mailbox with this Service.
2. Following the signing of a new contract or terminating Your Service with Us You may opt to keep Your email address active for incoming messages for twelve (12) months and have e-mails sent to Your account with Us ( or as otherwise made available by Us) forwarded to another e-mail address of Your choice, free of charge.  During this time period, senders will also be notified by a return notification e-mail of Your change in e-mail address. This time period may change according to legal or regulatory decisions.  You may apply for this service when instructed by Us or by informing Us in writing at the time of Your service termination. In case of Service termination We will not be able to support this request if You apply for it at a later date due to the deletion of Your data as specified in clause B.12.
3.It is Your responsibility to ensure the proper use of this facility, including keeping within the mailbox quota. If Your mailbox quota is exceeded, You will not be able to receive messages. The sender will be notified of the failed delivery.
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