Internet Speed less than 30Mbps – Entertainment Queen

These terms and conditions were last updated on 5th September 2017.


A.     Your Agreement

1.      These terms and conditions are for an offer and should be read in conjunction with the Bundled Plan’s terms and conditions. If anything in this document is in conflict with the Bundled Plan’s terms and conditions, this document will take precedence. These terms and conditions form an integral part of Your Agreement for the provision of the Service with Us.

2.      We reserve the right to stop, suspend, amend or otherwise alter this Offer, the applicable charges and any benefits derived through it, as well as these terms and conditions, in accordance with applicable laws. Unless otherwise stated, this will not affect the rest of Your Agreement with Us.


B.     Definitions

1.      ‘Residential’ means that the Premises where the Service is installed are used wholly:

a.      For residential purposes;

b.      As non-governmental organisational Premises, if We decide in Our sole discretion to allow the said non-governmental organisations to benefit from the Residential Bundled Plan.


C.     The Offer

1.      The ‘Internet Speed less than 30Mbps – Rebate’ (the ‘Offer’) is an offer made available on a Residential Bundled Plan provided by Us.

2.      This Offer is made available to You because when subscribing to the Bundled Plan, the Line Speed of the internet connection in Your area indicated that it is less than 30Mbps.

3.      This Offer is made available to You by signing an Agreement with Us.

4.      This Offer is regulated by its terms and conditions. By subscribing to this Offer You are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions found in the Agreement. If You do not agree with any of these terms, You should not subscribe to or take-up this Offer.

5.      The Offer consists of the following:

Charge Applicability
 a. Internet Speed less than 30Mbps – Rebate
Offer Price – € 5.00 Rebate applies until the Line Speed of Your internet connection  relative to this Bundled Plan can be achieved.  Maximum 24 Months.
Other Offer Information Bundled Plan
 b. Offer Compatibility Home Pack – Entertainment Queen

D.     Explanation of the Offer


1.      Unless otherwise stated, all charges quoted in this document are inclusive of VAT.

2.      Monthly Fee:

a.      The monthly fee stated in clause C.5.a applies as follows:

i.        The Offer is temporary and applies until the Line Speed of your Internet Connection relative to the Bundled Plan can be achieved.  In the event where throughout the agreement period (24 months) the Line Speed of Your Internet Connection relative to this Bundled Plan is not achieved, You will benefit from the Offer for the whole duration of the agreement (24 months).

ii.        From time to time We will check the Line Speed of Your internet connection and should Your internet connection achieve the Line Speed relative to the Bundled Plan, we will inform You by postal mail and stop this Offer.

3.      Other Offer Information:

a.      The Offer is available to new subscribers that their Internet Connection cannot achieve the Line Speed relative to the Bundled Plan specified in clause C.5.b. The Offer applies if You install all the Services listed in the Bundled Plan within thirty (30) days from the date when Your Application Form is accepted by Us.

b.      The Offer starts from the moment that Bundled Plan is activated.

c.      This Offer is available for a limited time period.

d.      Unless otherwise stated, this Offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

4.      You may be required to pay additional charges if You opt for specific billing or payment methods. Further details are available in the Schedule of Charges.


E.     Other Important Terms

1.     The estimated Line Speed that Your internet connection will achieve is always based on the test issued from the GO feasibility test. The test results and the actual speed of Your internet connection may vary by +/- 10% and any variance within such range, whether in the positive or negative will not entitle You to any other Offers.

2.     For the avoidance of doubt, the estimated Line speed of Your internet connection is to be achieved on a wired connection and not through Wi-Fi.