1)         This offer is owned and operated by Mobisle Communications Ltd. (GO).


2)         Access to the benefits of this offer is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.  By using this facility, you are agreeing to all of these Terms and Conditions, without modification.


3)         The Offer is applicable as from 21st March 2017 until 19th February 2018.


4)         The Offer is available to ported-in Pay As You GO mobile customers only, who switch their mobile service to GO during the Offer period as per Clause 3 above.


5)         Subscribers, as per Clauses 3 and 4 above, who port-in during the offer period, will automatically be entitled to benefit from the following rewards:


a)    Free allocation of the GoData plan which provides 1GB of Data, 60 minutes and unlimited SMS to all local numbers and whilst roaming in the EU (Zone 1). Benefit is valid towards all local numbers when in Malta. Benefit applicable also when roaming in the EU (Zone 1), and calling or sending SMS to Maltese and EU (Zone 1) numbers.


b)    Should customer decide to keep the GoData plan the customer is entitled to purchase the mentioned bundle at a discounted date of Eur10 inclusive of VAT for a number of occurrences till 120 days from the date of successful port-in.


6)         Customers will benefit from the rewards above mentioned only one-time upon successful port-in in accordance with Clause 5 above.


7)         The free calls, SMS and mobile internet awarded are valid for 28 days from the date of successful port-in as per Clause 5 above and are valid for local usage and whilst roaming in the EU (Zone 1) as specified in clause 5a. Any over and above usage made, SMS and mobile internet are given as part of this offer will be charged at the rates applicable to the customer’s Pay As You GO tariff plan. Any calls and mobile internet usage made whilst roaming over and above the allocated bundle, will incur the standard roaming charges. Click here for further details on the roaming charges.


8)         In the event that the 28 day time-window associated with each of the free rewards as per Clause 5 above has expired or any of the rewards given has been totally consumed any calls, SMS and mobile internet usage made will be charged according to the customer’s Pay As You GO tariff plan.


9)         To check the remaining balances of the free rewards given in conjunction with this offer, customers must send a blank SMS to 16415. free of charge.


10)     Any unutilised free calls, SMS and mobile internet units remaining after the expiry of the 28-day period will be lost.


11)     Customers benefitting from this Offer will have their free bundles decremented in the following manner:


a)       minutes will be decremented on a per minute basis;


b)       SMS will be decremented per SMS;


c)       1GB mobile internet will be decremented in chunks of 1KB.


12)     Pay As You GO Student Plan, Limitless Flex Lite, Limitless Flex and any other Pay Monthly tariff are not applicable for this offer. Therefore should a customer migrate to any of the mentioned tariffs he shall stop benefitting from the offer.


13)     Customers benefitting from this Offer will be able to migrate to GO Pay Monthly at any time.  Should customers migrate from Pay As You GO to a GO Pay Monthly Plan during the offer validity period as per Clause 3 above, will not continue to benefit from this offer. Any unused free calls, SMS and mobile internet units will not be transferred to the new tariff plan and will be lost.


14)     Customers migrating from GO Pay Monthly plans to Pay As You GO during the offer period are not eligible for this Offer.


15)     All other charges are according to your particular Pay As You GO tariff plan, apply.


16)     Other Terms and Condition relating to your respective Pay As You GO tariff plan and Pay As You GO GO Data apply.


17)     GO’s Pay As You GO Disconnection Policy applies.


18)     The maximum call duration is 60 minutes and calls shall be automatically terminated when the 60 minutes have elapsed.


19)     This Offer does not apply on the following services:


a)    Video calls


b)    Calls towards GO mobile directory service on 79222118


c)     Calls towards GO mobile voice mail deposit on 79222124


d)    Calls or SMS made towards International numbers


e)    Calls and/or SMS towards Premium rated numbers. (E.g. IOD) and other Special numbers


For these services, the standard rates apply.


20)     This Offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer that GO may launch from time to time.


21)     GO reserves the right to stop any benefit resulting from this offer if there is any deliberate abuse and/or misuse of this offer.


22)     GO reserves the right to modify and/or terminate this offer at any time by giving immediate notice to the public via the GO website (www.go.com.mt).


23)     GO processes personal data in line with the Data Protection Act (2001).  Personal data provided to GO will be kept in confidence and processed in order to render and/or improve the service you have requested.  Personal data shall not be transferred to any third party unless requested or permitted by you or permissible according to the law.  You have the right to require access to your personal data as well as the right to rectify, or, in appropriate circumstances, erase any inaccurate, incomplete or immaterial personal data processed by GO.


24)     For more information, please contact Customer Care on 146 (FREE from a GO mobile connection) or on 79 222 146 (from any other connection), or visit www.go.com.mt.


25)     GO’s general Pay As You GO and/or post-paid terms and conditions and any other relevant GO terms and conditions shall apply.