On The Move Add-on Data bundles

  1. GO customers may purchase additional bundles as an add-on to their On The Move mobile data tariff plan.
  2. GO may reserve the right to offer bundles on selected tariff plans only or different bundles or bundle combinations according to tariff plan.
  3. The add-on bundles available for purchase are the following:
Applicable Plans Bundle Size Price Validity SMS code Send To
a. On The Move 500MB 20MB €1.00 365 days DP20 5070 0231
b. On The Move 1GB, 2GB, 5GB & 12GB 200MB €1.75 DP200
c. 500MB €4.25 DP500
d. 1GB €8.00 DP1
e. On The Move 20GB 5GB €5.99 30 days DP5 16412


  1. Customers have an option to purchase bundles 3.a to 3.d above from the MyGO portal:
  2. The add-on bundles above can be purchased and/or used both in Malta and whilst roaming in EU Zone 1.
  3. The add-on bundles above which have a time-window of 365 days from the date of activation:
    1. If not fully utilised in the month of purchase any remaining units will be carried forward to the following month/s.
    2. Will always be the first to be consumed.
  4. The add-on bundles above which have a time-window of 30 days from date of purchase:
    1. If not fully utilised within the specified time, any remaining roaming data will be lost.
    2. Will always be the first to be consumed.
  5. In all cases mentioned above, the charges specified shall be charged on the subsequent bill.
  6. All charges deriving from these bundles include VAT but exclude Excise Tax, unless otherwise explicitly stated.
  7. In cases where customers have multiple mobile data bundles activated, the following is the order how these shall be consumed:
    1. Add-on Mobile data purchased via SMS commands.
    2. Add-on Mobile data of the recurring type,
    3. Mobile data part of tariff plan,
  8. If two consecutive bundles are purchased, they will be consumed in succession. The time-window still applies from date of purchase.
  9. When the above bundles are totally consumed Your mobile internet will be stopped until You either:
    1. Buy another add-on data bundle as per above
    2. Your On The Move monthly bundle is refreshed upon the fiorst day of the month
  10. When roaming in Non EU countries standard roaming rates apply: click here for rates.
  11. You can xheck the remaining balance of data in Your Bundle by sending an SMS to 16415 at no cost.
  12. GO’s general terms and conditions and any other relevant GO terms and conditions shall apply.
  13. GO reserves the right to stop, suspend, amend or otherwise alter the bundles on offer and these terms and conditions in accordance with the timeframes stipulated by law.