As from 8th June 2009, any GO prepaid customer topping up his/her account will no longer have a specific time window associated with the amount topped up. New top-ups affected from this date forward will open a three hundred and sixty-five (365) day period.

If for a period of ninety (90) days the customer does not perform a chargeable event or a top-up, the customer will fall into a grace period of two hundred and seventy-five 275 days.
A chargeable activity can be any one of the following outgoing activities: a voice or video call, an SMS, an MMS, an email or data session; or an incoming call whilst roaming.

If a Customer donates credit to another prepaid customer through the Credit Transfer Service, it is not considered as a chargeable activity.

The above also applies to any new mobile customer switching to GO and who, within the first 90 days, makes use only of the existing credit balance transferred to his/her prepaid account upon switching to GO. Credit provided upon switching to GO is not considered as a top-up.

During the 275-day grace period the customer can reactivate his/her SIM at no charge at any GO retail outlet. During the grace period, the credit in the customer’s account will not be lost and any settings such as tariff plan, favourite numbers and free bundles obtained through any GO Offer will be left unaltered. Once the SIM is reactivated, the customer will retrieve his/her credit back and all SIM settings will be retained.

Customers will receive a notification SMS five (5) days before entering the grace period informing that the account will need to be reactivated again in 5 days unless an activity is performed. If no reactivation is made during the grace period, the SIM will be automatically disconnected from the network.