SIP Trunk Tariff Plan Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions were last updated on 1st July 2019.

A. Your Agreement
1. These terms and conditions are for a Service and should be read in conjunction with the General terms and conditions and the Product terms and conditions. In the event of any conflict between these terms and conditions, the following terms and conditions shall prevail. These terms and conditions form an integral part of Your Agreement for the provision of the Service with Us.
2. The Service applicable to Your Agreement is specified in the Application Form or through other means by which You have applied for the Service. We reserve the right to stop, suspend, amend or otherwise alter this Tariff, the applicable charges and any benefits derived through it, as well as these terms and conditions, in accordance with applicable laws.

B. Definition
1. ‘Business’ means that the Premises where the Service is installed is not used wholly for Residential purposes.

C. The Tariff
1. SIP Trunk pay monthly tariff (the ‘Tariff’) is provided by GO plc (“Us”). You subscribe to this Tariff by signing an Agreement with Us.
2. This Tariff is regulated by its terms and conditions. By subscribing to this Tariff You are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions found in the Agreement. If You do not agree to any of these terms, You should not subscribe to this Tariff.
3. This Tariff is effective as from 1st December 2018.
4. This Tariff consists of the following:

SIP Trunk 4 Concurrent Calls 10 Concurrent Calls 30 Concurrent Calls 60 Concurrent Calls 120 Concurrent Calls
a. Price EUR 50 EUR 100 EUR 250 EUR 450 EUR 800
b. Calls to Local Fixed numbers EUR 0.025/min EUR 0.025/min EUR 0.025/min EUR 0.025/min EUR 0.025/min
c. Calls to Local Mobile numbers Calls EUR 0.12/min EUR 0.12/min EUR 0.12/min EUR 0.12/min EUR 0.12/min
d. Calls to International numbers Refer to Refer to Refer to Refer to Refer to
e. Backup Site EUR 60 EUR 60 EUR 60 EUR 60 EUR 60
Phone Numbers 1 Single Range 10 DDI Numbers 100 DDI Numbers
a. Price EUR 1 EUR 10 EUR 30
b. Calls to Local Fixed Numbers EUR 0.025/min EUR 0.025/min EUR 0.025/min

D. Explanation of Charges
1. Unless otherwise stated, all charges quoted in these Tariff Plans are exclusive of VAT and exclusive of Excise Tax.
2. These charges are applicable if You sign a 2 year agreement with Us.
3. Monthly Fee:
a. The monthly fee is payable in advance. For the first month, it will be charged on a pro-rata basis and included in the following month’s bill.
4. Other Charges:
a. This Tariff is by default an e-billing tariff. This means that You will receive Your bill through electronic means by using Our e-billing functionality available through Our Website. You agree to register for this functionality and to supply Us with a valid e-mail address where We may notify You when Your bill is available as well as send You other relevant information.
b. Installation charges: a default €45 (forty-five Euro) will be charged for the Service provisioning. In the event that You require an IP-PBX and/or an Integrated Access Device (IAD) to convert ISDN to SIP, price of IP-PBX, IAD and their installation charges will be quoted separately.

E. Minimum Term
1. This Tariff has a minimum term of twenty-four (24) months.
2. If You terminate the Agreement during the minimum term, or if the Agreement is terminated by Us for any reason directly attributable to You (including non or late payment of amounts due), You shall pay an early termination fee equal to the remaining monthly tariff rental fees.