1. GO customers may purchase SMS Bundles (hereafter referred to SMS Bundles) as an add-on to their tariff plan.

2. GO may reserve the right to offer SMS bundles on selected tariff plans only or different SMS Bundles or SMS Bundle combinations.

3. Customers may purchase any of the SMS Bundles on offer as specified in clause 2 above by sending an SMS free of charge to 4433 containing a code specific to each SMS Bundle accordingly.

4. The charges applicable to the specific SMS Bundle opted for by the customer will be those specified in the associated tariff plan guide on GO Website as per Clause 2 above.

5. In the case of prepaid mobile customers, the charges as specified in Clause 4 above shall be automatically deducted from the prepaid account of customers who purchase any one of the SMS Bundles.

6. All charges deriving from these SMS Bundles include VAT and any other applicable taxes, unless otherwise explicitly stated.

7. In order to benefit from the SMS Bundle once the bundle expires, a customer needs to opt-in again by following the procedures outlined clause 3 above.

8. Any SMS Bundle bought will have a 30-day time window. If customer has any outstanding units and buys another bundle before time window expires, any outstanding units will be rolled over to the new bundle.

9. If different combinations of SMS Bundles are purchased, for example an on-net SMS Bundle and an all networks type of SMS Bundle are purchased within a few days from each other, the bundle with the shortest time window will be consumed first with respect to SMSs sent toGO mobile numbers.

10. If the customer has a combination of Free SMS bundles obtained through a GO promotional offer and a SMS Bundle is purchased in line with Clause 2 above, the bundle with the shortest time window will be consumed first as per Clause 9 above.

11. The SMS Bundles also apply to SMSs sent from MyGO once the free SMS sent from MyGO by MyGOregistered customers are consumed.

12. The SMS Bundles do not apply to SMSs sent to international mobile numbers. These are charged at the applicable rates according to the tariff plan of the customer.

13. Customers may at any time check the remaining balance of SMSs in their Bundle as per Clause 2 above by sending an SMS to a specific number as specified in the associated tariff plan guide on GO Website . 1 SMS is deducted from the SMS Bundle and if the SMS Bundle is used up or is not active cost is €0.05.

14. GO’s general Pay As You GO and/or post-paid terms and conditions and any other relevant GO terms and conditions shall apply.

15. GO reserves the right to stop, suspend, amend or otherwise alter the SMS Bundles on offer as per clause 2 above and these terms and conditions in accordance with the timeframes stipulated by law.