A.     Your Agreement


1.      These terms and conditions form an integral part of Your Agreement for the provision of the Service with Us, together with the following terms (together with any other documents referred therein), where applicable:

a.      The Application Form

b.      The Special Offer Terms and Conditions

c.      The Bundled Plan Terms and Conditions

d.      The Tariff Plan Terms and Conditions and/or Schedule of Charges

e.      The End User License Agreement (EULA)

f.      The Product Terms and Conditions

g.      The General Terms and Conditions

2.      If any of these documents conflict with one another, the terms will apply in the order of precedence set out above.

3.      The Tariff applicable to Your Agreement is specified in the Application Form or through other means by which you have applied for the Service.  We reserve the right to stop, suspend, amend or otherwise alter this Tariff, the applicable charges and any benefits derived through it, as well as these terms and conditions, in accordance with applicable laws.


B.      The Offer

1.       The Offer is available between 27th September 2017 and the 31st December 2017, both dates inclusive, and is available to Pay As You GO customers on the GO Limitless Student Plan (hereinafter referred to as ‘the plan’) only, as specified in the relevant tariff plan guide


2.       You can subscribe to the plan and choose to further subscribe to the MA-X Bundle detailed below – as an add-on to the plan as per Clause B.1 above.


MA-X Bundle


mobile data

Unlimited Calls to 5 mobile numbers

Unlimited SMS to any local number

All benefits or part therefore available locally

& whilst in the EU (zone 1)



3.       You may subscribe to the MA-X Bundle at a cost of €3 which will be deducted from the mobile credit when applying via SMS.


4.       To subscribe to the MA-X Bundle you have to send an SMS:

SMS code

Send to


SMS codes to stop recurrence






5.       Once the mobile bundle is consumed You will be charged at the applicable Pay Per Use rates according to the your Pay As You GO tariff plan unless the bundle is renewed. The bundle can be renewed in one of two ways:


a)      By sending an SMS (refer to B.4), if the bundle is consumed before the expiry date.


b)      For recurring bundles, automatically upon the bundle expiry date, assuming there is sufficient credit on the account. If the credit available in Your mobile prepaid account upon renewal is insufficient, the renewal process will remain active for 7 days. Upon topping-up during these 7 days, the price of the bundle (refer to B.3 above) shall automatically be deducted from the available credit and the bundle will be renewed. Should You not wish the auto-renewal feature, You should send the code indicated in B.4 above to stop the bundle from automatically renewing upon expiry.


6.       The MA-X Bundle once activated is valid for 7 days from date of subscription.


7.       You can query any remaining data units left as well as other information at any time by sending a blank (if Your handset supports it, if not any character will do) SMS to 16415, free of charge.


8.       All charges quoted above are inclusive of VAT and any other applicable taxes, unless otherwise explicitly stated.


9.       When the MA-X bundle is not active or the data units assigned have all been consumed before the expiry period, the following are Your applicable charges:

a. Offer Name MA-X Add-on Bundle
Local Charges when bundle is consumed or not auto-renewed (as applicable):
b. Calls to any numbers €0.25 Per Minute
c. SMS to any mobile numbers €0.02 Per SMS
d. Mobile data €0.10 Per MB
EU Roaming charges when bundle is consumed or not auto-renewed (as applicable):
e. Calls whilst in the EU (Zone 1) to any other local and EU (Zone 1) number €0.25 Per Minute
f. SMS whilst in the EU (Zone 1) to any other local and EU (Zone 1) number €0.02 Per SMS
g. EU roaming mobile data €0.10 Per MB
In Non EU rate:
h. Click here for rates


10.   The mobile data units assigned when activating the MA-X bundle, or any parts thereof, still available at point of expiry, will be rolled over if Your MA-X bundle is automatically renewed or You actively re-purchase the bundle during the 7-day retry period referred to in B.5.b above.


11.   The maximum amount of data units You can accumulate is 4GB 5GB (Double Data Offer) and You will not continue to benefit from additional data units until the bundle is less than 4GB 5GB (Double Data offer) or units are completely expired/removed.


C.      The Port-in MA-X Bundle Offer

1.       Should You have joined the Pay As You GO Student Plan by switching Your mobile number from another mobile operator, You are entitled to the MA-X Port-In Offer, once all conditions laid out below are satisfied.


2.       The  MA-X Port-In Offer automatically entitles You to the MA-X benefits as indicated in B.2 above.


3.       These benefits will be assigned to You for a maximum of three (3) consecutive times, free of charge within a 30-day time period since Your port-in and to benefit in full You must immediately migrate Your plan to the Limitless Student Plan.


4.       At the end of the Offer period You can decide to stop the MA-X bundle from auto-renewal at the standard price indicated in B.3 by sending the relevant code stated in B.4. Should You not unsubscribe from the MA-X bundle this will continue to auto-renew in line with the process described in B.5.b.

D.      General

1.       All Other Terms and Conditions as stated and as applicable to the GO Limitless Student Plan are also applicable to subscribers benefiting from the MA-X bundle.


2. For more information, please contact Customer Care on 146 (FREE from a GO mobile connection) or on 79 222 146 (from any other connection), or visit www.go.com.mt.