Topping Up

1.  In the 2015 Budget announced by the Government of Malta in November 2014 one of the measures was an increase in the excise tax on mobile services from 3% to 4%, effective from 1 January 2015. For Pay As You GO customer, this tax increase will affect the amount of credit you get after topping-up meaning that when you top up with the denominations indicated below, the amount of credit topped up will not be the full value of the top-up. This change for Pay As You GO will come into effect as from 1st March 2015.

2.  Further to the above the top up denominations and the relative amounts to be deducted from the credit you get when topping are shown in the table below:

Top Up with

You get









*The €50 top up is only available when topping up through any electronic mechanism.

3. The maximum amount with which Pay As You GO mobile customers can credit their GO mobile line is €280.00. Any top-ups in excess of this amount will be unsuccessful.

4. In case of mistakes in inserting the mobile number when topping up by credit transfer, by ATM top-up, or by calling 79222123 from a phone or by any applicable topping up system, no refunds can be made.

5. In topping up while roaming (where applicable), GO may pay for the roaming charges and customers may encounter certain restrictions of use. Customers shall be subject to the relative roaming posted guidelines or charges incorporated by reference to the particular top-up system.