Back to school with GO Connect

27 September 2021


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We teamed up with Melissa Gatt aka The Island Mumma to speak abought how GO Connect has given her peace of mind when she’s out and about.

Can you please introduce your kids to us?

Hi! We have a 4 year old, Savannah, and one year old twins; Bowie and Sienna.

What has been their favourite summer time activity?

Definitely swimming! We usually go out on our boat during the weekend, and during the week we try to go down to the beach as much as time allows us to. I think it’s safe to say our whole family are complete water babies!

Are your kids excited to go back to school?

Savannah’s very excited, but nervous as well. The twins are going to day care a little later this year- we’re not sure how they feel about it, however, we think they’ll love it, as they love people!

What’s the craziest thing you had to buy from their school list?

For sure glitter. Glitter is the one thing I want to ban ? Our whole house became covered in it!

What do your kids want to be when they grow up?

Savannah wants to be a fire fighter or a doctor.

What are their favourite subjects?

Savannah loves doing crafts at school. She’s only going to K2 this year ?

How has technology changed the way they learn?

It has helped massively! Savannah knew the alphabet from a young age, and she can spell as well. We downloaded apps like Lingokids and Kidloland, which are both amazing educational apps.

How do you keep tabs on your kids when you’re out and about? 

We recently got Savannah the GO Connect Kids watch. This is a gadget we never knew we needed, and now we cannot live without it! This watch has Real-time GPS, Contact Controls, SOS button, Inbuilt Sensor, Safe Zone, and the list goes on. It gives us such peace of mind know we have access to this information, and that she can contact us at the click of a button.

How have you balanced working at home with your kids learning remotely during the past year?

It’s definitely been a challenge. Time management is everything, and accepting help wherever you can is very important. I would usually get my work done when the kids are sleeping, as the it’s not as stressful.

And finally, what’s your favourite part about being a mum?
I love being able to look after and raise three beautiful human beings. They give me so much love back, and it just makes the hard times so worth it. I love looking at life through my kids eyes, and I love the feeling of being selfless.

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