Bullet Train review by Fabio Agius

12 June 2023


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I still remember my friends telling me to watch Bullet Train with them at the cinema, and with my biggest regret, I had to decline due to family business. To add insult to injury, I heard lots of excellent comments from them after they watched it, but being a bit sceptical, I had to watch it alone. Lucky for me, Bullet Train is available on GO TV, so my problem was solved.

Bullet Train was far from perfect, but it was an excellent movie for me, something I longed to watch, in a nutshell, my cup of tea. The story looks inspired by the Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino movies; the whole film intertwines stories that culminate in a final act. There are plenty of fantastic and evil characters with colourful nicknames in this movie, like Ladybug, The white death, The Prince, Lemon and Tangerine (the latter being my favourite), who deliver some amusing monologues and some action-packed sequences. All the characters have their fair amount of screen time, but Brad Pitt was featured in almost every story doing what Brad Pitt does better, playing himself. The movie is well balanced from the level, of action, to humour; though some action sequences are exaggerated, they all look relatively plausible in this movie, hence my Tarantino reference.

Something which I enjoyed was the quite extended cameos from famous actors, which I will not mention not to spoil the surprise you viewers, though some of them feature in the movie trailer. I liked that one can see quite a lot of Japanese culture throughout the movie, especially the Pokemonish mascot, which had a hilarious interaction with Brad Pitt. The music score is crazy, from Japanese pop/ballads to songs translated from American oldies like Stayin’ Alive. The visual effects are pretty sound, looking very anime/cartoon style at times which perfectly complements this movie’s tone.

Kudos to director David Leitch and screenwriter Zak Olkewicz who gave us this fantastic movie, which I hope will be a game changer in today’s tiring action movie formula, and a huge “Thank you” to GO TV for bringing this movie to their platform!