Daniel and Ylenia speak to us about their Valentines day plans

08 February 2021


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So we all know Valentine’s day is coming up on the 14th and we’ve got a surprise for our followers -an exclusive interview with Daniel & Ylenia from 89.7 Bay!

We heard that you guys are now together! Congrats!

1. How did you guys meet?

It’s actually a HUGE coincidence, we both started working at Bay 7 years ago on the exact same day. It was a Saturday afternoon, I hosted my first show and Dan was right after me. It actually took a couple of years until we started to work closely together. I used to host Bay Breakfast by myself whilst Dan hosted the afternoon show. We were then put together after deciding to host an end of year special towards the end of 2017. Our directors loved the idea and we immediately started working on launching the breakfast show as a duo. This in particular led to us becoming very close friends both on and off the air, which over time led to what it is today!

2. How did it feel when you made your relationship official?

It was honestly a surprise and a huge sigh of relief at the same time. We both originally thought it would be a lot easier to keep the relationship a secret, it proved to be tricky at times so we both were glad it happened.

3. How do you balance your professional and personal lives?

Our passion and love for broadcasting is one of the reasons we are probably together. We both consider ourselves to be ‘radio geeks’ and tend to spend evenings at times discussing the next big project for the station and our show.

However, especially given our roles within the station, it is vital for us to ‘turn off’ at times and spend quality time together as a couple. This was something we both discussed at length in the initial stages of the relationship as we feel it is crucial to our professional and personal lives.

4. Is this the first Valentine’s day you’re celebrating?

Over the years we helped spread the Valentines love by delivering flowers and treats to our listeners, this has always been a bit of a yearly tradition for us. However, this year in particular is very special given the fact that is our first Valentines together as a couple, we’re excited!

5. What are you planning to do on Valentine’s? Would you recommend your favourite movie/series to us?

Over the last few months we’ve both really gotten into camping and are planning to spend the weekend together at a cute little campsite.

Apart from this being a safe option right now, we feel it’s just a really nice way to turn off and spend quality time together. We generally grill some burgers and continue binge watching our favourite series, being completely honest, the GO Internet key really sorts us out!

We just finished “How I Met Your Mother.” It’s about 9 seasons long but definitely worth it. I would even consider saying I preferred it to Friends. Dan on the other hand is a huge Money Heist fan, I’m more towards GOT.

6. What’s one thing you love about the other person?

I have heard others speak about this in the past but never truly experienced it until now. Being with your best friend is genuinely one of the best feelings ever. This is something we both feel strongly about. Our love for radio and broadcasting also plays a big part in the relationship.We skipped a lot of general awkward relationship questions which was nice too.

7. How has Covid affected your radio station?

At first it was a struggle getting used to working remotely, especially given the fact that we were all hosting the shows from home too. I honestly never thought I would be on the radio, from my bedroom, in my PJs. The team worked very well with each other, we even managed to produce and host an awards show from home which was very satisfying.

8. How do you manage to stay in touch with your loved ones?

In my opinion, this has been one of the biggest struggles COVID has brought with it. We are both very close with our grandparents in particular so staying in touch was not as easy. We would often visit them from a distance or facetime them when possible. Both on a professional and personal level, DATA has proved it is more important than we might think! Having a stable connection with a tailor made Freedom mobile plan definitely helps put our mind at ease.

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