Have you heard about our Entertainment TV pass?

06 May 2021


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During Covid, most of us are reaching to movies, series and TV channels for comfort and entertainment after a day of work. With this in mind, we offer you with the best selection of TV content in Malta to enjoy this time with your loved ones.

With our Entertainment TV pass, you get on-demand and catch-up access to an amazing variety of channels such as E! entertainment, BBC entertainment, TLC, HGTV, Food Network, iConcerts, History Channel & much more exclusively on GO TV. All you need is Wi-Fi and the GO TV app and you’re good to go!

Our favourites of our Entertainment TV pass shows include:

90 Day Fiance- Happily ever after? on TLC

For those in the mood for a bit of drama intertwined with the politics of love, 90-day fiancé is right up your alley. 90 day fiancé is about Americans who have applied for the K-1 90 day engagement visa to marry a foreigner. This visa, available only for the foreign fiance’s of US citizens, leaves a 90-day window for the couples to arrange the marriage ceremony and future living arrangements. That window is granted to the couple to see if they decide to marry. The ‘Happily ever after?’ version takes us through the most important part- their marriage- after the wedding has taken place.

Pawn Stars on History Channel

This comedic and informational TV show is based on three generations of the Harrison Family who own a Pawn shop on the Las Vegas strip. Their in-depth knowledge of historical artefacts and the value they contain in this day and age are revealed in the bartering of items with clients.

Flip of Flop on HGTV

Based in Southern California, two real estate agents; Tarek and Christina, buy old houses in need of renovation and sell them in hopes for a profit. As we go through their journey of flipping houses, we learn all about the hidden costs and challenges that go into renovating homes and giving them a face lift that will be attractive enough for potential buyers.

Chopped Junior on Food network

Chopped junior challenges four budding child chefs to turn a selection of random ingredients into an amazing three-course meal. The show is divided into three rounds and in each round, the chefs are presented with a basket of four unrelated ingredients. The dish each competitor cooks must contain all of the ingredients.

Visit our Entertainment TV Pass & GO TV pages for more information on how you can order these online.