GO TV – Malta’s version of Netflix

29 July 2020


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With Covid slowly phasing out, and more people starting to go out, we know that our customers might want to watch TV outside their home now.  With our GO TV you can do just that. Whether you’re at home, at a BBQ on the beach or even on your friend’s boat, you can watch GO TV on any device you want, anywhere you go. All you need is Wi-Fi.

We spoke to Ben Camille who is a GO TV customer so he can tell us more about his GO TV experience.

So the new GO TV is out! Can you describe how it is different from any other Maltese TV product?

GO TV is great! It’s kind of like Netflix I guess, in the sense that all you have to do is download the GO TV app on your Android TV and watch it whenever you want, wherever you want! I recently watched a football match on my tablet while out on the boat with some friends of mine, for example. Elle as you can imagine is in 7th heaven being able to watch Baby TV anywhere she likes.  It really is great, you get access to all the local and international channels you want. Of course, you need Wi-Fi.

How did you choose what plan you want?

I visited and went to the GO TV page. To be fair, the website is really user friendly. They have various options to choose from. The start plan is just €5 a month for local and Italian channels but it pays you to get TV passes if you’re an avid TV watcher. TV passes are different TV plans you can add onto your start plan to see more channels. If anyone’s interested, they have offers on TV passes at the moment. They also have the same options as Netflix- you can choose how many devices you can watch your GO TV on- they’re listed as TV screens on their page.

What TV channel do you watch the most?

Honestly? Haha… No competition!  Baby TV! 🙂 Besides that, I love watching my football and Kristina and I love watching series when we find the time on Fox and FoxLife.  It’s great as we have unlimited access and can watch whatever we want with the TV passes we chose.  I think series-sofa-time with Kristina and a mug of tea, is one of my favourite times of the day actually 🙂

What advice would you give friends who are interested in this but are with another provider?

It’s a monthly subscription so my advice would be to try it out for a month! GO TV offers hundreds of TV programmes, movies and series, sports or entertainment you want to watch online, just try it out, I guess, not much to lose.

Can you watch Live TV on the GO TV app?
I feel like I’m being quizzed here back at school! Haha! Yes you can! That’s the beauty of it. You can watch live TV – whether it’s news, sports, local and international events etc., TV on demand, or even record your favourite shows – it’s super. Also sidenote- there are parental controls on this app which is brilliant for all parents out there.

Can I watch GO TV on any device?
Questions getting harder! 🙂 You can watch GO TV on your phone/tablet/laptop or TV. As long as you have an android Smart TV it’s fine- if you don’t you can get a Chromecast device. Basically, the way it works is that you just download the GO TV app on any device you want and you can watch TV whenever, wherever.

So you won the best mummy/daddy influencer award. How has GO TV helped with showing your kids their favourite shows?
Being a parent is without a doubt one of the most rewarding jobs I will ever have in my life…and also one of the most challenging ! I think one of the most handy scenarios where GO TV really helps is when we are travelling in the car during Elle’s ‘nap time’ and would not want her to sleep in the car so she can get a full comfy sleep once we get home. Without GO TV she would fall asleep in the car, so what we do is give her one of our smart phones and allow her to enjoy her favourite shows on GO TV (3 guesses what that is!?! Haha 🙂 ).

Why GO?
GO has a legacy of providing the best service and quality of products to its customers. I have a home recording studio and office which means I need top quality internet at all times. GO’s fibre internet is great. It’s super fast and reliable.