All the benefits

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Great discounts

Benefit from a €10 discount every month when signing up for your second residence internet service.

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Optional TV

Use your GO TV app credentials or take your TV box with you. Alternatively, apply for a package.

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Hassle-free set up

Get an extension of your primary resident’s services if you’re an existing Home Pack customer.

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Pause & resume

As you please. Pause the service totally for free once every year.

How to get the Second Residence service

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Get in touch with us on WhatsApp, Facebook or via Live Chat.

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Our technicians can help you install the service or opt to do so yourself.

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You’re all set. Enjoy the service, pause & resume when needed.

Home Pack

Tailored Home Packs
Internet, optional TV & landline

From the internet speed to the type of TV passes & the mobile or landline, you’re in total control.

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How do I set up a second residence?

Our Second Residence service is an amazing add-on for your Home Pack plan. It hooks you up with landline, internet, and TV for your second home, all tailored to your primary Home Pack plan.
Here’s what you’ll enjoy:

Stay connected with our landline service. Make local fixed line calls at just €0.05c per minute and local mobile calls at €0.22c per minute. Want more? Choose from two cool add-ons:

  • Unlimited calls to local lines and mobiles for €3.99/month
  • Unlimited calls to EU, USA, Canada, and Australia for €7.99/month

Surf the web hassle-free. You’ll receive a dedicated modem for your Second Residence, giving you the same speedy internet as your Home Pack plan whenever possible. And guess what? You can pause your internet service for free for up to 12 months when you’re not using it. Need more pauses? There’s a small €25 fee for each extra pause. Remember, keep the modem safe during the break.

While the Second Residence package doesn’t include TV, we’ve got you covered:

  • Use your Home Pack’s GO TV app or take your main GO TV box with you (streams model) if you’re already rocking TV on your primary Home Pack.
  • Snag a new monthly TV package if your main Home Pack plan doesn’t have GO TV.

Ready to supercharge your second home? Just make sure you’ve got an active Home Pack plan at your main residence, and you’re good to go!

How can I pause / resume my Second Residence service?

You can opt to pause and resume your Second Residence service any time you want, for a maximum of 12 months, at a fee of €25 each time you pause the service. When the service is paused, the Second Residence’s landline still remains active with any add-ons you might have, and you will still be billed. With that being said, you won’t incur any charges for the internet connection at your second residence until you decide to reactivate the service.

To stop or resume your Second Residence service, just fill in this form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Don’t forget to hold onto your modem while the service is paused.

How can I pause my internet when I want to return to my primary residence?

You can pause your internet service for a maximum of 12 months at a one-time charge of €25. During this period you will still be able to make use of your landline service at the standard tariff rates, along with any fixed voice add-ons for which you might have opted. The Home Pack charge for your second residence will cease to apply for the duration of the pause period, and will be re-activated once you un-pause the internet connection at your second residence.

To stop or resume your Second Residence service, just fill in this form and we’ll take care of the rest.