How to pay your bills online

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Set up Direct Debit

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Pay on GO’s website

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Pay through MyGO

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Pay from the GO app

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How to set up MyGO

To create a MyGO account, visit MyGO and follow the below steps:

I receive paper bills

I'm on e-Billing


Why should I use MyGO?

MyGO is our self-care web portal, specifically created to give you all the freedom you need to manage your billing accounts, services and bills and do so much more, any time you want, the minute you link your accounts.

When you link your mobile service via SMS verification, you can:

  • View your bundle balances
  • Review your mobile plan
  • Buy additional mobile bundles
  • Stop recurring mobile bundles
  • Top up
  • View your top-up history and receipts

On the other hand, when you link your billing account, you can:

  • View and pay your bills
  • Review any usage which has not been billed
  • Check and report your internet fault
  • Set up and manage your GO TV login details
  • Manage your bill delivery methods
  • View your bill’s itemisation if this is activated and turn it off
  • Manage your data roaming limits

And don’t forget that you can use your MyGO login details to log into the GO app. Find out more about the GO app here.

What is a DDM (Direct Debit Mandate)?

One of the easiest, hassle-free and safest methods of payment, Direct Debit (DDM) is when you insert your bank details into your account so you automatically pay your outstanding bills without the need to intervene.

This means you no longer have to visit one of our outlets to settle your bill or remind yourself to do so online. By setting up a DDM, you are essentially allowing us to automatically collect payment directly from your bank using a SEPA account.

If you have multiple billing accounts, don’t worry. You can set up Direct Debit on multiple billing accounts in one go.
If you already have Direct Debit set up and the payment didn’t go through, consider checking out this FAQ.

If you had Direct Debit set up but the details have disappeared, take a look at what you can do.

How to set up your DDM

Questions & Answers on DDM

Is Direct Debit effected immediately?

Once you set up your Direct Debit on your billing accounts, our system is automatically updated with the details you have provided. Having said that, Direct Debit will first be affected on the next bill. This means that any pending bill that you might have must be settled manually.

If you have created or updated your Direct Debit details halfway through the month, the bill must be paid manually.

For more information related to Direct Debit, feel free to check out other frequently asked questions.