How do I set up Direct Debit (DDM)?

Direct Debit lets you pay your bill automatically through your bank account every month via the IBAN number.

You can set up your Direct Debit via MyGO, by first making sure that you have at least 1 linked billing account:

  1. Go into the Settings tab, and click on Payment methods
  2. Click on Direct Debit Mandates
  3. Click on ‘+ New Direct Debit Mandate
  4. Select which account/s you want to link to this Direct Debit Mandate
  5. Enter bank details which include the name and surname of the IBAN account holder and the IBAN number
  6. Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions, and accept them

The details you included will now show on the Direct Debit Mandate page

You can alternatively download the Direct Debit Mandate form, fill it in and send it to GO PLC, PO Box 14, Victoria, Gozo, VCT1000 or visit one of our main outlets, together with your IBAN number and an identification document, and our agents will be happy to update the payment method for you.

The account number refers to your GO billing account number, which you can get from one of your bills or the agreement form for that particular account.

The IBAN number refers to the International Bank Account Number, which you can get from your Bank’s account statement. You can also get your IBAN by finding your bank’s IBAN convertor and entering your bank account number.