What should I do if I want internet in my second residence?

If you are already subscribed to one of our Home Pack plans at your primary residence, you can get an extension by applying for a “Second Residence” service at one of our retail outlets.

With the Second Residence package, you’ll get the same service you currently have at your primary residence. Having said that, since the landline service cannot be moved from one residence to another, whilst remaining active in the first residence, a new landline number will be provided to you.

When you apply for a Second Residence service, you can opt to either install the service yourself or have one of our technicians do that for you.

Once everything is connected, you will be able to surf the web and stream the same channels you’re used to at home.

You can also choose to pause and resume your Second Residence service any time you want, for a maximum of 12 months, at a fee of €25 each time you pause the service. When the service is paused, the Second Residence’s landline still remains active with any add-ons you might have and you will still be billed.