I came across GO’s property (inspection boxes, distribution points, dangerous cables, hanging cables) which need some attention. Where can I report this?

Did you come across a broken inspection box or an open distribution point (usually attached to facades) which might be of danger to anyone that may come in contact with it? Did you see any dangerous or hanging cables that are an eyesore? We encourage you to report these so that we could fix them as soon as possible. All you need to do it fill in this form and provide as much detail as possible so that we are in a better the handle these in a quicker manner.

In cases where the infrastructure is located in or on public property, the costs need to be covered by the requester. Furthermore, requester also has to provide an alternative location for us to pass the necessary infrastructure.

The expected waiting times are:

  • Maintenance – covers in public areas: This depends on 3rd party permits however any dangerous urgent cases will be given top priority
  • Maintenance – distribution points on customers premises: 3 weeks
  • Maintenance – poles: This depends on the availability of 3rd party contractors
  • Maintenance – dangerous cables: Maximum of 1 day
  • Maintenance – Hanging cables: 3 weeks

For more information, visit our Hanging Wires page.