How can I control my mobile costs when travelling by sea and by air?

Roaming rates are not covered by EU regulation when travelling by air or sea. To avoid unexpected roaming charges while on a flight or at sea, consider putting your phone in ‘flight mode‘.

Flight Mode’ will disable your voice, data, SMS services, as well as Wi-Fi, so don’t forget to take your phone off this mode once you have arrived at your destination. Also remember to check that ‘Mobile Data’ and Data Roaming are switched ‘On’, so that you can use your data services.

Once connected to such networks, you will receive a notification SMS informing you of the rates. Any roaming data pay-per-use, including usage on a ship or plane, has an automatic limit in place to protect you against bill shocks due to the use of mobile data service whilst roaming. To protect you from excessive data expenses while roaming, your tariff plan has 2 data limits of €59 (incl. VAT) each. Check out this FAQ for more information about the data roaming limit and how you can manage it.