What are the rates when roaming on my mobile abroad?

Roaming rates change based on the zone you are travelling to and the network provider you connect to, and are charged at a pay-per-use rate.

When travelling to a Zone 1 country in the EU and UK, the same rates you pay in Malta apply. This means that any bundle you have in your plan can be used while in these countries. In case of calls bundles, this only applies to bundles with calls to all numbers in Zone 1 countries.

If you are travelling to any non-EU Zone 1 country, different roaming charges apply to each country and provider. All applicable rates can be found on our Travel page by searching for the country you will be travelling to.

To protect you from excessive pay-per-use data expenses while roaming, your tariff plan has 2 data limits of €59 (incl. VAT) each. Unless you’ve informed us otherwise, once you reached 80% of your consumption, you will be notified and asked whether you would like to stop your consumption at €59 or else continue performing your data session until you reach another €59 limit. Check out this FAQ for more information about the data roaming limit and how you can manage it.

If you wish to use mobile data whilst roaming, make sure that your data roaming is turned on.