What is a portal administrator in Business MyGO?

  • The Portal administrator is the person or representative of the organisation registering for Business MyGO access who will have overall authority and access to all the organisation’s information.
  • The Portal administrator is the only user role that will be able to add, change or remove access to other users within the portal.
  • Note: We understand that employees may change from time to time so it is important that you ensure that your organisation has continuity and contingency measures in place in case someone assigned to be an administrator of the portal leaves the organisation.

Portal Admin superuser rights on all portal features.

  • Creation of new users with different roles – Finance Admin, Finance, Technical Admin and Technical
  • Linking other organisations to users. (Example: If an organisation has registered services under more than one business entity with GO, an admin can opt to assign access to some or all, of the registered business entities to a single user).
  • Users can also be assigned different roles when being linked to different organisations. (Example: A user may be an “Admin Portal” for one organisation and a “Finance Admin” for another organisation).
  • Give access to other users upon their requests. (Users may request access to an organisation via GO’s website. If the organisation already has a Portal Admin assigned, that request will be sent to the “Portal Admin” via email. The “Portal Admin” can then go to the Settings section of the portal and grant or deny access to that user request as needed.
  • Change account names to a friendly name. (Note: Once a Portal Admin adds a friendly name to an account, that change will be reflected to the view of all users who have access to that organisation.