What is the data roaming limit and how can I manage it?

The data roaming limit is based on roaming regulations which are in place to protect you against any bill shocks that may occur due to mobile data service usage whilst roaming.

If you’re travelling in countries falling under EU Zone 1 and the UK, you will first consume your local / EU Roaming data bundles based on your tariff plan. Once these are consumed, you will then be charged at pay-per-use rates. If you are travelling in any other zone outside the EU or UK, your local / EU Roaming data bundle will not apply and you will immediately be charged at pay-per-use rates, according to the country you are visiting, as well as the roaming partner you will be connecting to.

To check which data roaming limit you are set on, you can log in to MyGO and find this information under “Services”, then “Benefits”. If you’re using the GO app, this information is on the dashboard, under “Benefits”.

The basic roaming limit automatically gives you up to €59 pay-per-use. Once you reach 80% of this limit, you will be notified that your data roaming activity will stop when your consumption reaches €59.

If you wish to continue your data session beyond the €59 cap, you may do so by sending OptOut to 50700295. Once you opt out of the first basic roaming limit, you will have an additional €59 limit for a total €118. You may opt to exceed the second limit by sending OptOut to 50700295 for unlimited pay-per-use consumption.

If unlimited pay-per-use consumption is not for you and would like to be protected again whilst roaming, you may send Optin on 50700295. If you opt in, you will once again have a basic roaming limit of €59.

If you choose to have an unlimited pay-per-use roaming limit, you will be notified once you have reached the €100 consumption, as well as when reaching the €300 consumption beyond the above financial limits.

When you send OptOut to 50700295, the limits on your data roaming usage will be removed until the end of that month.

Your data roaming limit will be refreshed on the 1st day of every month.