Where can I see my unbilled usage in MyGO?

Unbilled usage is any usage available on your mobile and landline service which has not been billed yet and therefore, is not reflected on your bill. To check your unbilled usage follow these steps:

  1. Log into MyGO
  2. Click on “Bills and Payments” from the top menu
  3. Next, click on the card related to the billing account you wish to view the unbilled usage for
  4. Your unbilled usage will show just right under the card. Click on the “View” button under Table view to quickly view it. Click on “Download” under Itemisation to download the CSV file with the unbilled usage.

If you cannot view your unbilled usage, then this feature is in all likelihood disabled, so you need to enable it by visiting one of our retail outlets. Make sure you take your identification document and your billing account number. Once you enable it, you will be able to view the unbilled itemisation from the beginning of that month, as well as the itemisation of issued bills spanning the last 12 months.