Why can’t I see all my accounts on MyGO?

There are various reasons why you may not be seeing all your billing accounts. Here are some possible reasons:

1. Your billing accounts are registered to different identification numbers
2. Your billing account is registered to receive printed bills and you have not manually linked it to MyGO
3. Your billing account is set on e-billing using a different e-mail address from that used by MyGO
4. You only linked your mobile service via an SMS verification

For security reasons, you can only link accounts on MyGO registered to the same identification details. The fastest way to resolve this issue is to contact us on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Live Chat. We’ll update your details in no time.

If your billing account is under your identification details but is registered for printed bills or set on a different email address, you can link it manually yourself.

In contrast, if you have only linked your mobile service via an SMS verification, then you only have the rights to manage services for that mobile number, such as your bundle balances and details. To view billing details, you will have to link the billling account.