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Our extensive range of TV channels are also available on your browser, tablet, mobile device, Android Smart TV, Apple TV and Fire TV. You can watch TV wherever you are without paying extra charges and without draining your data bundle when being on a Freedom plan, Smart plan, Smart Plus plan or Youth plan. Simply download the app and enjoy hours of programming.

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How to get your log-in details

What you get on the GO TV app

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Live TV

Watch your favourite content on the GO TV App

Movies & Series
Movies & Series

The biggest local and global superstars on your TV.


All the matches, all the events, all in one place.


TV shows for the whole family.


The TV add-on with a vast library of top Maltese content.

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What will I be able to watch on the GO TV app?

Once your TV Service is activated at home with all the channels you signed up for, the same content will be available for you to enjoy on the GO TV app.

If you are subscribed to Start Plan you will have access to 20 local and Italian channels and Tokis. Tokis gives you access to a growing library of Maltese content, including exclusive productions.

You will be able to watch more content on your GO TV app if you are subscribed to our TV passes; Movies & Series Pass, Sports Pass and Entertainment Pass.

The Entertainment TV Pass is your ticket to watch the best TV entertainment channels including Food Network, Disney Junior, HGTV, SKY News and more.

With our Sports TV Pass you get unlimited access to all 8 HD TSN channels which provides you with live coverage of the biggest sports events, including Football, Motorsports, Rugby, UFC and more.

If you are a movie/series lover than the Movies & Series TV Pass is for you. This pass gives you access to GO Stars, Fox and Fox Life channels plus hundreds of hours of on-demand movies and series!

Will I be able to access on-demand and recordings on the GO TV app?

Yes, your subscription to on-demand and any recordings that you may have stored will be available on the GO TV app too.

Will I be able to use the GO TV app when travelling?

Yes, the app will still work while you are roaming in the EU ‘Zone 1’ or the UK. Data charges may apply but should you have an active data bundle on your GO Freedom Plan you will benefit from free data.

How can I get my log-in details for the GO TV app?
If you’re a GO Interactive TV customer, follow the below steps or the visual guide here to get your details.

To change your GO TV password, simply:

  • Log in your My GO account
  • Click on ‘My Services’
  • Proceed to access your GO TV app account by clicking on ‘TV Services’ / ‘TV’
  • Click on your Interactive TV number
  • Click on ‘Manage your logins’.
  • Type a new password (new passwords must be at least 4+ digits) and click on ‘Continue’.

If you wish to download the GO TV app on an Android smart TV you need to first sign-up to the GO TV over Wi-Fi set-up. You can either visit one of our retail outlets or request it online.

How can I remove a current device?

To remove a device, simply:

  • Log in your My GO account
  • Click on ‘My Services’
  • Proceed to access your GO TV app account by clicking on ‘TV Services’ / ‘TV’
  • Click on your Interactive TV number
  • Click on ‘Remove Service’
Will the GO TV app burn my data?

The GO TV app won’t use up your data if you’re on a Freedom Plan, Smart Plan, Smart Plus Plan or Youth Plan.

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