Setting up GO TV

  • GO TV app: on mobile, tablet & Android Smart TVsGO TV app: on mobile, tablet & Android Smart TVs
  • GO Android TV boxGO Android TV box
  • TV with ChromecastTV with Chromecast
GO TV app

Watch GO TV anywhere you go on unlimited devices; TV, mobile, tablet, and laptop

GO Android TV Box

Prefer watching TV the traditional way? Get our GO TV box connected over Wi-Fi

TV with Chromecast

Connect a Chromecast device to your TV set if you don’t have an Android Smart TV

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On which devices can I download the GO TV app?

The GO TV app can be downloaded on numerous devices, such as;

  • Mobile phones,
  • Tablets,
  • Laptops
  • Android smart TVs,
  • Android TV boxes
Can the GO TV app be downloaded on any TV?

The GO TV app can only be downloaded on Android smart TVs. If you do not own an Android smart TV you can make use of a Chromecast device.

From where can I change the password of the GO TV app?

The password can be changed from your My GO account.

How do I get Chromecast?

You can get your own Chromecast device from any shop, or else you can get a Chromecast v3 from one of our retail shops at a price of €42. In the case that you subscribed to Mix & Match with TV on a 24 month agreement you have the option of choosing Chromecast as a free device.

How can I connect the GO Android TV box to the internet?

You can connect the GO Android TV box either through Wi-Fi or a wired set-up.

Can I download all Apps on the GO Android TV box?

Yes, all compatible Apps are available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded on the GO Android TV box.

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