Christian Coqqos Schembri speaks to us about his sports career

19 October 2020


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Hey Christian, how did you get into boxing?

I got into boxing when I fell out of love with football. Since I grew up practicing Karate for 6 years and was born into a combat sport-loving family, it was only natural to turn to boxing as a way to keep fit and enjoy myself. It then turned into a passion and now it is my full-time job.

Who do you think will win the UFC 254: Khabib vs Gaethje?

I think Khabib will win. He’s the most dominant MMAfighter nowadays, he’s very disciplined and lives a professional lifestyle. As good as Gaetjhe is, I think Khabib’s mauling and grappling style will prove too much for him.

What sports do you usually watch on TV?

Boxing, followed by MMA.

Who is your boxing idol?

My biggest inspirations from the beginning were Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali, two of the best heavyweights ever. As time went on and I got more involved in the history of the sport, and the lower weights, so I started to look up to Arturo Gatti because of his iron chin, heart and determination. I also admire Sergio Martinez for his skills, footwork, heart and success even though he was an underdog. Another great idol of mine is Roy Jones Jr because in his prime, he was the closest thing to Superman for me.

What is the current sports climate in Malta because of Covid?

It is suffering like all other sports but not as much. The amount of competitions, especially for amateurs, has reduced. However, as from July, we still managed to launch 3pro events with a limited number of spectators, as we have carefully established a serious medical protocols to follow in each competition due to Covid. I am proud to say that I was involved in organizing these events, with the help of the MBA and Prize Boxing Promotions, as well as participating and winning in two of the boxing matches.

How has it been training during Covid?

It was really hard to train this past year especially when the gyms were closed because everything had to be done outdoors. Traditional methods of training like using a punching bag and speed ball were impossible to do outside. After they opened the gyms, it became easier, although we still had to take all the necessary precautions. At the moment, we are constantly sanitizing our stations and limit physical contact to only when absolutely necessary.

There was meant to be the Olympics this year, how do you think athletes around the world have dealt with training?

Most athletes have stayed disciplined and kept in shape. But it has been really hard for most, because those without access to a private gym must have found it really hard to keep their body in shape for elite level competition training by themselves without the necessary equipment.

What’s your favourite boxer film?

Which was your best boxing match?
I believe my last fight against Emilov was my best boxing performance because I used most of the skills that I have been practicing during training. It was also an entertaining fight and I felt dominant against a credible opponent.

So you’re on our GO Freedom mobile plan. How has your experience been so far?

Having a fast and reliable internet connection is essential for me as I’m on the go all day long and need to be able to communicate with my clients to set up training times efficiently. Furthermore, when promoting my boxing fights, I need to be in contact with my supporters so that when they need tickets, I can deliver them ASAP. GO’s Internet service allows me to do all this from wherever I am and their mobile plans are affordable too!

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