Did you know about these features on the GO app?

16 December 2020


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You can register your top-up mobile number

It is only going to be a matter of time when registering your mobile top-up number is going to be mandatory by law. We took a proactive approach and developed an online registration on our GO app, which enables you to do this from the comfort of your own home. So what’s new you ask? You will now be able to scan your ID card and match it to picture of your face, thus completely avoiding any visits to the retail store! Also, because it’s Covid, this makes sense. Find out how to register your top-up mobile.

27 or under? You can now apply for a Play plan from the GO app

If you’re 27 years or under, registered your top-up mobile number with us and you’re on a prepaid mobile plan, you are now eligible for our unique top-up mobile plans. Just visit the GO app where you will see a button to automatically switch to our Play youth mobile plan. Discover our Play Plan and follow these instructions on how to Switch to Play Plan on the GO app.

PS. We’ve got a Christmas Treasure Hunt on the GO app where you can win amazing prizes! Terms & Conditions apply.

Bundle balance

You can view the remaining balance of your contract / bundle.

Bundle purchasing

You can purchase additional bundles, be it calls, data etc, which are specific to your account. Only relevant bundles will be visible

App exclusive bundles

You can purchase bundles which are exclusively on the app, where you get data or call bundles at special prices

Easy Top Up

You can top up your mobile service (or someone else’s) with a credit / debit card directly from the GO app


You can view your bill, all your pending / paid balances on each of your accounts and can make bill payments on your linked accounts

Top up history & receipt

Apart from topping up, you can also view your top up history so that you can monitor your spending, as well as download receipts from previous top ups

Easier access to contact us

There are direct links for both GO’s email and Facebook Messenger chat together with Whatsapp

Link your credit / debit card to the app for faster and easier payment (top ups & bills)

Did you get curious about our GO app? Discover what else you can do with our app, such as bundle subscription, balances, top-ups, bills overviews and more!

And when you are at it, check out also our MyGO web portal. You can use the same logins as for the GO app and enjoy some exclusive features such as DDM, auto top-up and overviews of your accounts.