Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy

As climate change and extreme weather events are already impacting Malta and the globe, all businesses whether big or small need to act NOW to reduce their carbon footprint.


Our sources of carbon emissions & electricity usage.


Key infrastructure & sources of energy with renewables.


Our business and invest for our community.

Our Strategy in action - Our Projects

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Take a look at our projects

Skyscraper building with some trees

Take a look at our projects

Sens dashboard for hotels

Take a look at our projects

Our sustainable office building in Zejtun

We’re developing one of the leading sustainable buildings in Malta.

Solar panel energy
Solar energy

Over 3k solar & photovoltaic panels on the walls, roofs & car park, which will generate 1MWh of solar energy.

Water saving

Reservoir under the building to store & recycle water & utilizing water from basins to flush the toilets & water plants.

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Lights & Air cons

Advanced systems like motion sensor lighting & aircons to turn these on only when locations are occupied.

Investing in SENS Innovation Co. Ltd

An energy management company, SENS leverages proprietary IOT based technology to reduce energy consumption and associated costs for commercial buildings. The company serves large hotels and commercial clients in Malta, the UK, mainland Europe, Dubai, Mauritius, Maldives and Barbados.

Currently, around 3,415 hotel rooms in Malta make use of the SENS system which is helping these businesses save on energy consumption and reduce energy waste.

Investing in AQS Med Ltd

AQS Med Ltd specializes in offering comprehensive renewable energy solutions for residential and commercial properties, positioning itself as a market leader in PV systems, water and underfloor heating, smart home automation, and EV chargers’ installations on the island.

Over 50,000 panels have been installed.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Our carbon footprint is a pivotal step to understanding our contribution to global warming. By measuring our Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG), we can craft a strategy for reducing them, improving our sustainability credentials and cost of emissions.

As a result, we have partnered with Green Element to measure our GHG emissions and to better understand our impact.

Our 2023 carbon footprint

Scope 1: direct emissions from owned or controlled sources, such as refrigerants from air conditioning in office.

Scope 2: indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, like base stations and the data centre.

Scope 3: all indirect emissions not covered in scope 2 that occur in the value chain of GO, including upstream and downstream emissions, such as suppliers, customers, employees’ hybrid working, air travel and employee commuting.

Our carbon reduction ambition & targets

Our emission reduction targets were developed in line with the Paris Agreement to keep global warming below 1.5℃.

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– 42% by 2030

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– 90% by 2050

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Living our purpose

“Our purpose at GO is to drive a digital Malta where no one is left behind. In order to live our purpose well, we had to have environmental sustainability as one of our key strategic pillars if we are to ensure a better life for future generations. At GO, we want to go beyond making GO Green. Through our initiatives we want to support our clients in achieving their sustainability goals.”

Nikhil Patil – CEO

Our GO Green heroes in action

From finding new ways to collect and refurbish equipment that has helped us reduce waste to upgrading the network to 5G enabling us to install new intelligent energy saving systems and saving on paper by introducing Scrive digital document signing, here is how our employees are making a difference.

Our GO Green Interviews

CSRD and its Impact on GO
CSRD and its Impact on GO

with Christine Galea – Senior Manager, Financial Control

Man in a shirt standing
Moving to a Greener Headquarters

with Ian Camilleri – Senior Manager Facilities & Admin Operations

Investing in Green Technologies
Investing in Green Technologies

with Victor Zammit – Business Development Manager, SENS Innovation Company Limited

Making a difference as a founding member of MESGA

The Malta ESG Alliance (MESGA) aims to bring together driven and like-minded organisations to collaborate, learn from each other and advocate for change on selected collective priority areas in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

As a member of the board of administrator, GO takes part in various stakeholder meetings to support MESGA’s objectives of:

  • Sharing a common vision for societal change and a competitive Malta
  • Bringing benefits to the community
  • Committing to credible, tangible and quantifiable initiatives
  • Tapping ESG market opportunities, for businesses and Malta
  • Regularly measuring and reporting progress on initiatives
  • Motivate businesses sharing the same values to follow and join.

Words of wisdom

Roberta Metsola

Roberta Metsola

“Climate change is ravaging our continent and our world – it is no longer a problem for another generation to deal with.”

Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker

“What gets measured gets managed.”

Great Thunberg

Greta Thunberg

“Once we begin to act, hope is everywhere.”

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change & the last generation who can do something about it.”

“Climate change is a big challenge which we at GO want to translate into an opportunity by raising the needed awareness amongst our people and customers and helping our business clients to transit to net zero.

We aim to do our share in building a greener and more environmental-friendly Malta. We acknowledge our potential to bring about positive change and are committed in playing our part on the journey to net zero.”

Ingrid Azzopardi – GO Green Lead

Malta's Climate Ambassador - Professor Simone Borg

Let's go green

Tips and tricks for a sustainable lifestyle.

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Choose cloth napkins

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Compost kitchen scraps

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Set heating/cooling conservatively

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How to Enjoy a Green, Sustainable Summer in Malta

By far, the best time to enjoy Malta would be in summer. The island is home to countless picturesque beaches and a number of historical landmarks. Read all about how you can enjoy the Maltese summer whilst also remaining environmentally conscious.

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