How do I link additional accounts or services?

You can link a new service or account by clicking on any of the buttons in MyGO Link GO account or Link mobile service. You can find these buttons under Payments in the Billing section item or under Settings in the Manage mobile services and the Manage billing accounts. The buttons appear in the top-right corner.

To link an account, you will need your e-billing e-mail account, account number and/or your ID details and bill number. The required information depends on what type of services and bill settings you have with GO. The fastest way to link additional accounts is to use the same email for MyGO logins as your e-billing email. Once you link your account, you will be able to see it in the ‘Settings’ under ‘Manage billing accounts’ and in the ‘Payments’ under ‘Billing’ section.

To link a mobile number, you will only need to insert a verification SMS received on the number that you want to link.

After you link your mobile number, you will be able to buy new bundles, view bundle balances, bundles that you are subscribed to and other details of your plan. You will also see the mobile number listed under ‘Manage mobile services’ in the ‘Settings’. Linking only a mobile number will not give you access to any account related information such as bills, itemization or account management option or change roaming data limits. This is to protect the account holder from any authorised activity on his/her accounts and bills.