How should I prepare my home for an ideal internet set-up?

If your home is still under construction or undergoing renovations, you must ask your electrician to pass what is known as a conduit pipe to rooms where you would like an internet point. This internet point could be a Wi-Fi access point or an ethernet access point, routed to where the modem is planned to be installed. Your electrician may also want to pass either a CAT6 ethernet cable, which is considered a superior network or a CAT5e cable. To date, both are supported.

You must also make sure that an entry point for the line feeding the modem from outside is prepared in that specific location. Lastly, remember to place your modem in a central location, so that you will have a wider Wi-Fi range across your house.

In contrast, if your home is already finished and you do not have the option to pass additional wiring, you can easily create a mesh Wi-Fi network using GO Smart Wi-Fi. To do so, all you need is an electrical socket for each Wi-Fi pod.