Switch to GO

Get a GO Sim card today and keep your old number, with an awesome Smart Three or Double DAT bundle for 4 weeks as our welcome gift to you!

Switch to a Smart top-up plan

Packed Smart Plans for all your needs

Switch to a Play top-up plan
Switch to a Play top-up plan

Great rates and bundles if you’re 27 or under

Switch to a monthly plan
Switch to a monthly plan

Fully-loaded Freedom and Smart Plus plans

Need a new number?

If you need a brand new number, or just want to switch without keeping your old number, you can visit us at one of our outlets or any of our exclusive resellers.

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Are there any charges to switch to GO?
GO won't charge you anything if you switch from a top-up plan with another operator. We not only cover the whole process of contacting your previous operator, but we also transfer up to €15 of your previous credit balance to your new SIM.
Can I switch using my non-Maltese mobile number?
Unfortunately, switching to GO and keeping your number is not possible using a foreign number. Any offers are only available when switching with a Maltese mobile number. You can still order a new GO SIM online however.
Can I keep my credit from my old SIM card?
Yes - when you switch from a Vodafone or Melita top-up plan, we will transfer to €15 of your previous credit balance to your new SIM.
When my free Smart Three bundle runs out, do I have to keep using Smart Three afterwards?
You don't have to stay on Smart Three once your free bundle runs out - you can then choose any of the Smart bundles whenever you like.
How will I know when my new SIM is active?
After you receive your new GO SIM card, the switching process will take a few days. As soon as you notice that your old SIM stops working, you can take it out, put in your GO SIM and it will start working straight away.
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