Boost your data with a bundle

Simply send an SMS with one of the codes below or just activate them on the GO app.

App exclusive
Top-up plans
Pay Monthly plans
App exclusive

1000 mins

Local, EU Zone 1 or UK
Valid for 1 day
See details
Only available through the GO app


Local only
Valid for 1 day
See details
Only available through the GO app

Weekend Boom

10GB & 1000 minutes
Only available on Sat and Sun
Valid for 7 days
See details
Only available through the GO app

Why get bundles?

Euro icon orange
More euros in your pocket

With a wide range of bundles at our fingertips, you’ll get the right data usage at the right price.

Pay Bills icon orange
No more bills or top-ups

Choose the bundle that you see most fit & never have to worry about paying that bill or topping up again.

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Get exclusive offers just for you

Download the GO app and gain access to a range of offers available only through the app.

GO app & MyGO

Take charge of your services. Use the same login details to view your balance and bundle usage, top up your balance instantly, pay your bills and do so much more.

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How do I activate/ deactivate offers?

The process is simple – just log into the GO app or MyGO, go into ‘Manage Service’ related to your mobile number and then click / tap on the ‘Stop’ button next to the bundle.

Alternatively you can also send an SMS to 16410 containing the code for the offer you wish to apply for. To unsubscribe follow the same process, but just add the word ‘Stop’ to the SMS in front of the code. For more details on the codes needed to apply for the bundles, check out our Top-up plans section or Play plans section

How do I get the free 10GB bundle through the app?

The 10GB data bundle will appear in the ‘boost bundles’ section of the app after you have linked your Top Up mobile number or your billing account of your Pay Monthly plan. It will not appear if you linked your Pay Monthly mobile number only. You will find it listed as an App Exclusive offer – just click and activate the bundle, and it will be added to your balance.