Interactive Television Schedule of Charges – Business

The below Schedule of Charges is applicable to you if you signed your agreement in the period from the 27th of August 2015 to the 19th of September 2017. 

If you signed your contract before the 27th of August 2015, kindly refer to the relevant terms & conditions through this link: TV Schedule of Charges for Business Customers

If you signed your contract after the 19th of September 2017, kindly refer to the relevant new terms & conditions through this link: TV Schedule of Charges for Business Customers

Schedule of Charges – Rates are inclusive of 18% VAT

One-Time Installation Charges

Standard Installation of Main GO Interactive  Outlet


Standard Installation of Additional  GO Interactive Outlet


Home Plugs – Devolo 650+ (optional)


Self-Installation Kit



Lease of Equipment *

Lease per GO Interactive TV HD Box



Deposit required on Equipment

Lease of GO standard ADSL modem


*Equipment remains the property of GO p.l.c


Monthly Service Charges

Main TV Outlet


Silver Interactive


Gold Interactive


Silver Interactive 2 year agreement


Gold Interactive 2 year agreement




Each additional TV Outlet (up to 5 additional outlets)


Per TV outlet



Monthly charges for Optional Premium Services

Charges are applicable per TV outlet and are additional to the subscription charge to either Silver or Gold Interactive TV.



GO Stars


GO Sports Premium


GO Sports Yearly


GO Sports Yearly discounted


GO Sports Business




Premium Services on Additional Outlets

The following service charges are applicable to each additional tv outlet activated with the following:


GO Sports additional outlet



Other Charges


Service Calls


Relocation of Interactive TV on said premises


Collection or Recovery Fees


Reconnection Fee


Temporary change in access number


Change of Registered Residential Subscriber


Transfer of tv service to summer residence




Lost/stolen/damaged or unreturned GO Interactive TV HD Box


Lost/stolen/damaged or unreturned GO Interactive TV Remote Control

€  15.00

Lost/stolen/damaged or unreturned Always On Modem Speedtouch 546/706/585

€  50.00

Lost/stolen/damaged or unreturned Alcatel  I-010G-U ONT Device


Lost/stolen/damaged or unreturned Technicolor TG799 modem

€  90.00

Late Payment Fee (30 days past due)


Late Payment Fee (Over 60 days past due)                                          

Maximum allowed by law (8% per annum)

Rejected Payment charge



Other penalty charges


as applicable

Legal and administrative fees

as applicable