Setting up your internet in your new home

06 October 2020


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Moving into your first home is both exciting and demanding- it is a symbol of a fresh new start and freedom for most but also entails a lot of commitment and responsibility. Let’s start off by saying well done! You have achieved quite a milestone and you’re starting a new chapter in your life.

You love the location, bargained for the price, researched into the specifications and even contacted your bank for a home loan, and you’re left wondering how you are going to go about designing your interior space fitting in your internet, landline and TV needs. As a first-time buyer in Malta we understand that you might have some questions, so we’re here to help you out!

Let’s go through some questions we’ve been asked by first-time buyers in Malta:

Do I need to make any modifications to my home to get connected?

In most cases, new apartments are fitted with specific distribution points and conduits to simplify the process of installing new services. However, in some rare cases and the absence of these planned points, our technicians might have to find alternative ways of passing internet into your new home.

How do I know where to properly place my TV and modem in my new home?

The modem should be placed in a central location in your new home. TVs can be fixed anywhere, these can work over a wire set-up or even over Wi-Fi. What’s more is that if you own an Android TV, you can simply download the GO TV app directly to your TV, enter the credentials provided by GO and start watching your favourite content.

What’s the difference between a modem and router?

A modem allows you to connect your home network to the internet, whilst a router enables all your wired and wireless devices to use that internet connection at once. However, rest assured that all our modems have an in-built router, meaning that you will be able to connect all your devices to the internet by using only the provided equipment.

Do I need Smart Wi-Fi pods from the get-go? Or should I test out my internet first?

Our homes are all different from one another so the answer varies according to the layout of your new home in combination of which rooms for you are important to have a strong Wi-Fi connection. Small open spaces are likely to be fine with the standard modem whilst the popular long layout of the Maltese apartment is known to achieve a strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout the whole space by just adding a 2-Pod Wi-Fi set-up that comes standard as part of our Smart Wi-Fi Starter Kit.

I’m moving into a farmhouse and I’m worried that I might have issues connecting to the internet from every room.

Due to the way farmhouses are built, the Wi-Fi signal might not be able to maintain its full strength throughout the house. To get the best signal possible, make sure to place your modem in a central location at around 1.5m height from the floor. Make sure that the modem isn’t placed in an enclosed space and if possible, place it in an open area. Depending on multiple factors such as size of the house and thickness of the walls, you will have an improved Wi-Fi experience when purchasing 2 or more Smart Wi-Fi pods. These will ensure that you get a consistent, reliable Wi-Fi signal all throughout the house. Our technicians will be able to guide you further when installing your internet connection.

How can I know which internet speed is right for me?

Choosing the internet speed which is right for you depends entirely on your usage habits. If you need internet for browsing the web and mild to moderate consumption of media, our Turbo internet is perfect for you. However, if you reside within a fibre area and need internet for competitive online gaming or heavy streaming, you might be interested in opting for Super or Giga internet speeds.  If you are getting a Home Pack with GO, you can check which internet package you are eligible for on our website.

If I move into a house which already has an internet service provider and I want to switch to GO internet and Home Pack, how should I go about it?

First off, you would need to terminate the contract of the current internet service provider. When you switch to GO, you will benefit from a new internet installation.

How do I check if I have access to True Fibre Internet in my area?

All you need to do is visit our Mix & Match Home Pack page on our website, type in your postcode and the Mix & Match wizard will let you know whether you have access to fibre internet.

Should I get a Smart Hub together with my internet service? How will this improve my experience?

When purchasing a Smart Hub, you will be able to benefit from the backup feature, which lets you stay connected to the internet even in the case of a fault or disruption to the service, as well as enabling you to benefit from same day internet, meaning that you will be able to access the internet as soon as you plug your Smart Hub to a power outlet.

Do I need a satellite dish on my roof to connect my internet?

No, everything you need to get an internet connection to the first access point (modem) is transmitted via wires. From then on, you will be able to connect to your modem via Wi-Fi without the need for any extra equipment.

If you have any queries and would like to ask a customer service agent about any of your internet needs, please visit our website and use the online chat feature on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.