What sets GO Full Speed apart

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True Fibre

GO’s fibre-connected mobile network gives you the best possible data speeds.

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HD experience

Enjoy high definition videos right from your mobile phone every single time.

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No extra fees

Get one of our mobile plans & enjoy Full Speed at no additional cost.

Do so much more with GO Full Speed

Take a look at how GO Full Speed compares to other speeds.


GO Full Speed
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Slow loading on most pages Slow loading on some pages Fast loading on almost all pages
Social Media
Slow loading on most content Slow loading on some content Fast loading on almost all content
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Slow loading with low resolution Fast loading on HD but no 4K available Fast loading on 4K and up
Online Gaming
Most games unavailable Most games with heavy lag Almost all games with low lag
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Slow on most files Slow on large files Fast on very large files

Experience Full Speed with these mobile plans

Freedom plans

Pay monthly plans
From €10.99/month*

Choose a plan with all the works, including unlimited data, minutes & SMS.

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Hybrid Plans

Hybrid plans
From €16/month*

Want to be in control? Pay a small monthly fee & top up on bundles whenever you need.

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Top up plans

Smart top-up plans
From €4.99/4 weeks 

Get all the extra data and call bundles, while switch things around whenever you please.

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Play Plan

Play plans
From €8.99/month

27 or under? We’ve got the perfect match for you with exclusive bundles & add-ons.

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*Get €1 off per month with Direct Debit Mandate.

Our fibre-connected networks

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How can I check my mobile speed?

You can check your mobile data’s speed at any time by carrying out a speed test. Just make sure that before you perform a test all apps are closed and no downloads are running.

Mobile speeds might vary based on your location and environment. For example, if you are performing your speed test whilst located in a basement, your speed might be lower than expected due to the service range.

What is the difference between limited and unlimited speed?

Limited speed – also referred to as throttled speed – is an intentional slowing down of the speed by the data provider. This means that regardless of the available network in the area you would be limited to a certain speed. Unlimited speeds means that you will be capable of reaching the full speed available on the network.

What are unlimited 4.5G and 5G speeds good for?

On unlimited speed for 4.5G and 5G, you can stream live video and watch videos in 4k resolution, as well as browse, chat, use social media, game online, make video calls and email.

How can I get 5G?

All you need is a 5G-compatible device. To confirm whether your device is 5G compatible, check the device’s specifications.

Our 5G is fibre-connected and is considered the fastest service available in Malta. It is provided to our customers on all of our mobile plans for free.