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Smart Plus

  • Stay in control of your spendStay in control of your spend
  • Free music & TV streamingFree music & TV streaming
  • Double data with Data BoomDouble data with Data Boom
  • 4.5G speeds nationwide4.5G speeds nationwide

What makes a Smart Plus plan different?

The Smart Plus hybrid plans are designed for you to get maximum flexibility and value from your mobile plan. This plan has all the features of our Freedom monthly plans at a lower cost, with the option to add data and call bundles on top, just like our Smart top-up plans. Best of all, you keep all the added benefit of direct debit payments, giving you the peace of mind that you’ll never be caught out.

Smart Plus

with Home Pack at 4.5G speeds
4GBstandard at 4.5G speeds
100 Minto all local & EU numbers
Unlimited Min to GO fixed & mobile numbers
Unlimited SMSto local and EU numbers
Free music streaming
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How do I switch to GO?
 You can switch an existing number to GO and keep your current number! You can switch to GO for FREE as long as you have an active number with your current operator, just visit one of our retail outlets to start the process and you’ll be given a new GO SIM card. The process can take a few working days to complete. You’ll know when the process is ready when you lose coverage on your mobile - when this happens, remove the current SIM card and replace it with the new GO SIM card that was given to you and you’ll be good to go.  
How do I get Data Boom?
Data Boom is a feature of all GO Smart, Smart+ and Freedom mobile plans which automatically gives double the standard data tariff for anyone part of a Home Pack Community. You don't need to be the owner of a Home Pack to benefit as long as you are added as a Community member. Until the end of 2019, all Freedom Plans ordered before the end of 2019 will get Data Boom included for their whole 24-month contract, even if you aren’t in a Home Pack Community!
How do I use my Pay As You GO plan while roaming?
Prepay SIM cards are automatically set-up for roaming use, and unless your phone is set to aeroplane mode or data roaming is switched off on your network settings, it should connect automatically. We suggest manually selecting a roaming partner so that your mobile remains connected to the same network for your stay abroad.

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