Why do I see multiple data bundles in my MyGO dashboard?

There are a couple of reasons why this could occur, and I’m here to help you understand it better.

Firstly, it’s possible that you’ve purchased different data bundles at different times. For instance, you might have gotten a 1 GB data bundle initially and then, at a later time, added a 5GB data bundle. Because of this, you’ll notice two distinct bundles displayed on your Home tab within the GO app or MyGO.

Another scenario is if you’re enrolled in a Home Pack Community or you set up Auto Top-Up. Being a part of a Home Pack Community or having Auto Top-Up activated comes with a special feature known as Data Boom. This feature adds extra data to your existing bundle, leading to the appearance of two separate data bundles on the GO app. No need to worry though – you can easily spot which bundle is linked to the Data Boom add-on by clicking on the three dots, where you’ll find “Data Boom Benefit” listed.